Module/Theme development for XOOPS?

webdesignhq  04-Jan-2002 21:49  4080 reads  0
Hi there, for some time now I have been developing Flash Modules & Flash Themes ( for Postnuke & PHP-Nuke, and I am just wondering how compatible the XOOPS module & theme system is... compared to Postnuke? I just downloaded the rc1 version, and am installing it, but would like...
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Installation Problem

onokazu  04-Jan-2002 20:34  3985 reads  0
The most of the problems we receive are due to database password checking in our install script and in our core main file. This seems to be a problem for those who do not set DB passwords on a local database server.

We are aware of this bug, and are working for a new install script. But we...
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New XOOPS Theme!

onokazu  04-Jan-2002 20:16  4548 reads  0
As you all might have already noticed, we've changed the default theme to a new theme, the "mikan" theme, by our theme designer Xend.

We currently do not have a plan to release this theme to the public, and will be using this theme for a while on our official XOOPS sites only.
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*nuke based sites banned?

Sircuri  04-Jan-2002 12:21  3978 reads  0
Postnuke has posted an article about some host providers ban the use of nuke-based websites because of the resources it uses. Is this also the case with Xoops? Does Xoops use lots of resources as well? Article: Host Providers Ban Nuke-based Sites Due to Resource Hogging, Bugs?
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YAXS (Yet Another XOOPS Site)

onokazu  04-Jan-2002 02:03  3284 reads  0
We have created a new topic "YAXS (Yet Another XOOPS Site)" for those who have successfully installed XOOPS.

Post your site here and let us know your site!
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SQL Dump for XOOPS RC1

onokazu  03-Jan-2002 10:39  3538 reads  0
I have found that some people are having trouble installing the package using our install script. We will fix the bugs we received till now, but if you would want to install it now, please use the SQL dump files I have just placed in our Downloads section. I have placed the SQL dump files...
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onokazu  01-Jan-2002 20:59  11129 reads  20
Download Now! With the release of Xoops RC1, the Xoops team is pleased to announce the creation of a brand new Content Management System. This system was originally based off of PHPNuke 4.4.1 and MyPHPNuke 1.8.5. About 70 - 80 percent of the code has been totally rewritten from the ground up....
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partner Sites and Logos

w4z004  31-Dec-2001 18:42  5042 reads  0

More minibanners!

w4z004  29-Dec-2001 15:45  5430 reads  0

NukeShop (XOOPsShop?)

WildMan  21-Dec-2001 17:49  6972 reads  0
NukeShop will be working on a module set for XOOPS. We hope to do them exclusively. We will be dropping support for PostNuke! Check our site here: NukeShop
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Some Graphics for XOOPS

w4z004  20-Dec-2001 12:16  9361 reads  0
XOOPS launched!

onokazu  19-Dec-2001 06:40  2927 reads  6
In preparation for the upcoming release of XOOPS RC1, we have launched our official website, We were looking for a server where we do not need to worry about the traffics we would have, and as you can see, this website is backed with a server, therefore we are now...
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