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hi all,
I've switched from different CMS in the past, like phpnuke, postnuke, ezpublish et similia.. was based on postnuke 0.64, but when I upgraded to 0.7 rogue, it was a real desaster.

So i have to close my whole site, waiting for a stable version, joining the bug report on their cvs, writing in their forum, I'm moderator of too.. but.. So finally i tried ezpublish, good cms, very complicated, but powerful.. need to recompilare php and install imagemagick, but everything works fine.. Near the OPENING, I was reading an article on CMS and I noticed XOOPS, a CMS that I never heard.. go to, I have a read the whole forum, and i downloaded the RC1. Results? XOOPS will remain my final CMS for my site, FOR ME, it's one of the best (THE best), 90% bug-free, powerful, cool CMS out there. Love XOOPS. kain [italian security website]
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