German Support Site

MagicX  13-Jan-2002 19:44  3298 reads   No comments 
With three really ethusiastic webmasters at work www.myxoops.de started of as a german support site for XOOPs. Our support forums are up and already giving help where help is needed !

Feature Request Forums

malexandria  13-Jan-2002 18:23  3208 reads   No comments 
In response to a few requests, we just launched a new Feature Request forum. Please post your suggestions and ideas there. We are also working on a bug tracking system as well, so look for that in the next few days.


We love Xoops in France !!!

bravissimo  13-Jan-2002 10:03  3103 reads   No comments 
Hi there, I launched a just a week ago a french support site for Xoops (xoops-fr) and after 7 days of life, I would say that Xoops is promised to a great avenir in the French Speaking world. All reactions (from end users or coders) are unanimous "Xoops is great" (some say "the best today")....

YAXS, kuht.it

kain  12-Jan-2002 10:05  4016 reads   No comments 
hi all,
I've switched from different CMS in the past, like phpnuke, postnuke, ezpublish et similia..
kuht.it was based on postnuke 0.64, but when I upgraded to 0.7 rogue, it was a real desaster.

Music Site using Xoops

lykoszine  11-Jan-2002 19:51  3640 reads   No comments 
Finally, after much heartache and pestering you guys in the forums my site is now up and running xoop.

Some post rules here, please

wanderer  11-Jan-2002 11:32  3678 reads   No comments 
Hello dear here,
Welcome here and Thank you like this program and give us many help ,suggestions. But sometimes we have different idea and point. It can make progress also some argument. that's No prob. but please not here, you can use mail or PM to talk about your different Point. We don't...

WAP Addon for XOOPS

Society  10-Jan-2002 19:45  4134 reads   No comments 
I rewritten a old phpnuke addon to a new version and added them to xoops!

Danish Hardcoded = Dansk Deluxe

farsus  10-Jan-2002 17:50  4391 reads   No comments 
Hello!! More Hardcoded! As soon w4z004 whas finish whit the english hardcoded version whe got a copy for translation. The Danish version is the same as the english, execpt from one difference. It also include the Danish translation for 16 themes.

German Language Pack for Xoops is ready

xoopsDEcom  10-Jan-2002 07:22  4812 reads   No comments 
We have created a German Language Pack for the German Customers of Xoops, it is written in "She" Version and you can download it at our Xoops Page. The "You" Version comes out at Friday this Week. So visit us for Download at: xoops-de

English lang harcoded!

w4z004  10-Jan-2002 04:05  3269 reads   No comments 
Hello to all!

I'm finish the English lang hardcoded.

This file include all "little" graphics and the respectives changes in the language!

only need overwrite the files.

Babe and Hunk A Day !!

farsus  09-Jan-2002 20:01  8194 reads   No comments 

Admin Modul maneger logos

Babe a day

Hunk a day


Estevon.net -- Everything / Linux

Estevon  09-Jan-2002 07:09  3515 reads   No comments 
I finally got off my butt and created that Linux site that i've been thinking about doing for about a year now. I guess it was the discovery of Xoops that gave me some motivation. My site is located at www.estevon.net

"Nukes" Security Hole !!

WildMan  08-Jan-2002 16:48  3804 reads   No comments 
I run the site GroundZero. A while back it got hacked several times in a row. All that was done was replacing the index so not really a big deal but annoying. I now know how they were able to gain access to my site and they could very easily do it to some of yours...

Digioso Hosting supports Xoops!

jascha  08-Jan-2002 16:47  3424 reads   No comments 
Digioso Technology Solutions offers 200MB of hosting with support for Xoops for $30 a year. We are dedicated to helping support GNU/GPL content management systems such as Xoops. For more information on our hosting etc. visit Digioso.com

Remove your install.php!

MasterE  08-Jan-2002 15:41  4322 reads   No comments 
I checked several sites which uses XOOPS and found out some of them didn't delete the install script. The sites i checked received a email about it. Be warned!

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