New Bugs Reporting System (XOOPS Mantis)

onokazu  21-Jan-2002 18:47  4210 reads   No comments 
We have created a new bug reporting section using Mantis as a module. The user system of Mantis is integrated to XOOPS, so there is no need to login or signup again only for this system. From now on, if you find bugs, please report them here, and not to the forums.

Not Bad!

finalfiler  21-Jan-2002 00:04  3364 reads   No comments 
Two Australian based sites are now moving to XOOP. One is, a specialist database management company, and the GravEmail, the journal of the Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of New South Wales, Australia -

i-Block Collection 1.0

MagicX  20-Jan-2002 13:46  3573 reads   No comments 
The i-Block Collection 1.0 will be released tonight ! The first release includes only one sideblock, but many more coming soon.

i-trends XOOPed !

MagicX  19-Jan-2002 20:09  3550 reads   No comments 
I converted my i-trends theme to XOOPs !
The site is up and running. I already finished the first block hack for XOOPs:
i-Block[Last x Comments 1.0].

I came from postnuke

Razgo  19-Jan-2002 08:03  4027 reads   No comments 
Hi, after using phpnuke, myphpnuke, then postnuke, I have to say Xoops was the most easiest install and setup I have had.
after making a test site it didn't take long for me to delete my postnuke and install Xoops and start my Multimedia News Site from scratch again.

WebHosting Solution for new XooPS sites...

nexia  18-Jan-2002 03:42  3496 reads   No comments 
We got you covered.

We can pre-install XooPS, that way you don't have to deal with the trouble.

Here is what you get:
YAXS Under xoops !!!

xtremdj  16-Jan-2002 19:28  3438 reads   No comments 
Hello everybody I'm very happy to announce you that my website, which works before under postnuke 0.63 is now under xoops (1500 users, 600 news ...)! It's a french website about electronic music and dj's ! Long life to xoops ! kenny

Another page!

trunet  16-Jan-2002 13:58  3458 reads   No comments 
My name is Wagner Sartori Junior, I am from the Brasil and I put my site Powered by XOOPS. I am developing some themes(injektion_flash to postnuke now in xoops), and a image gallery module(available soon). I am doing a translated version to portuguese too.

Thanks and visit...

German Languagefile ("Du")

MosesTycoon  15-Jan-2002 14:40  3544 reads   No comments 
Dear Community,

After reading some forum entries where (I think especially) the german community was upset bout this special licence for posting the language files, I decided to quick-translate the language files for you.

Ask Michelle

malexandria  14-Jan-2002 17:44  5903 reads   No comments 
Hello All,

My name is Michelle and I'm the PM for the Xoops Team. One of my duties as PM for Xoops is to market this fine piece of software and to keep the community of Users and Developers happy. So one of the very first things I want to do is start establishing a dialog between the rapidly...

simplechinese xoops site

muyu  14-Jan-2002 07:06  3431 reads   No comments 
This is the new xoops site created by Xoops,You can visite this site by

and U can download new Newspaper theme for xoops rc1

U can download it from

myemail is

Dutch Support in progress/ Nederlandse Support Site

Sircuri  13-Jan-2002 21:26  3616 reads   No comments 
Note: Dutch translation below English: Because of this great CMS script, i started with a Dutch XOOPS Support site at:

German Support Site

MagicX  13-Jan-2002 19:44  3274 reads   No comments 
With three really ethusiastic webmasters at work started of as a german support site for XOOPs. Our support forums are up and already giving help where help is needed !

Feature Request Forums

malexandria  13-Jan-2002 18:23  3182 reads   No comments 
In response to a few requests, we just launched a new Feature Request forum. Please post your suggestions and ideas there. We are also working on a bug tracking system as well, so look for that in the next few days.


We love Xoops in France !!!

bravissimo  13-Jan-2002 10:03  3075 reads   No comments 
Hi there, I launched a just a week ago a french support site for Xoops (xoops-fr) and after 7 days of life, I would say that Xoops is promised to a great avenir in the French Speaking world. All reactions (from end users or coders) are unanimous "Xoops is great" (some say "the best today")....
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