Tutorial on understanding xSwatch4

Published by alain01 on 13-Sep-2021 20:20 (332 )
This article informs you of the availability in French and English of a very detailed tutorial on the functional theme that is xSwatch4, XOOPS theme in Bootstrap 4

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Tutorial on understanding xSwatch4


Published by heyula on 04-Jan-2021 05:50 (4307 )
Corporate theme for Xoops.

Block id feature is used in the theme.

Modules Used:

- Publisher
- Xmnews
- Service
- Team
- Xoops Partner
- wggallery
- Contact



Block ID

Service Module:
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Team Module:
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About Module:
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Xoops Partner:
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Site created by monxoops: AGOPC

Site created by monxoops: AGOPC

Published by alain01 on 23-Sep-2020 18:00 (2339 )
The team is proud to present its new achievement, a 100% responsive website.
This is the website of AGOPC, the Geneva Association of Civil Protection Organizations.

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Here are some technical elements that make up the site:

Xswatch4 theme
We started the project from the xSwatch 4 theme, the css-cerulean variant, and we adapted it in terms of colors to the AGOPC logo.
We have redesigned the top menu, clearer, with direct access to certain features and contextual signage.
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It is a menu with the Sticky top function (Menu that sticks to the top of the page, even if you use the elevator to scroll the content upwards).
A carousel has been added and disappears when scrolling vertically.

Administrators toolbar
A toolbar adapted to the needs of site managers has been configured, all responsive.
Watch the video here.

Modules used
To create the site, we used:
xmcontent for the main content of the news
xmnews to manage the news of the association
extcal to manage association events
xmdoc for document management
xmcontact for the contact form

Adaptation of overloads for the module (extcal
We wanted to modernize the boostrap4 templates of this module.
Here are 2 screenshots, one with an end date, the other not.
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TinyMCE 5
We have integrated the famous and fabulous wysiwyg editor TinyMCe V5 (Excluding XOOPS plugin) in order to allow editors to provide high quality documents.
We also managed to integrate Bootstrap 4 so that we could provide a preview at the time of writing closer to the final render.
Here is an example :
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Constra Xoops Theme

Published by heyula on 19-Jun-2020 09:50 (1491 )
Constra Construction Xoops Theme
Adaptation to Xoops: B.Heyula
Adapted Modules:
- WGGallery
- Xmcontent
- XmNews
xBootstrap4 Theme updated to Bootstrap 4.5

xBootstrap4 Theme updated to Bootstrap 4.5

Published by Mamba on 22-May-2020 10:00 (2152 )
Bootstrap 4.5 has been just released, and we have updated the xBootstrap4 theme as well.

But we need a lot of help to make it really cool. Can you help us?


xSwatch4-enabled Theme

Published by alain01 on 03-May-2020 08:10 (2804 )
The team is proud to offer designers and webmasters using XOOPS, a fully responsive theme, created in Bootstrap 4.

Indeed, we have adapted the dedicated xSwatch 4 theme for versions XOOPS 2.5.11 and later to make it operational on the current version of our CMS.

Here, in a few lines, the many advantages of using this theme:
  • 21 themes in 1!

    Yes, you are not dreaming, you can very easily switch between 21 variations of the theme! 21 !!!
    You can have an overview here:

  • Administrators toolbar

    This complete toolbar is reserved for administrators and is accessible directly from FrontOffice

  • Many overloads in Bootstrap 4

    To date, this theme puts at your disposal more than 15 overloaded modules allowing you to obtain a fully full responsive website, all in Bootstrap 4

  • Direct access to the management of the selected block

    This tool allows you to choose directly from FrontOffice the block you want to edit

  • PopUp window unread private messages

    PopUp window opens for all new unread private messages

  • Customization and overloading of Bootstrap definitions

    Add your own CSS definitions and override that of Bootstrap

  • Multi-languages

    Translations available in different languages

Let me present you the last advantage and not least:
Webmasters can already use and produce this BT4 theme on the current version of XOOPS, version 2.5.10.
When the stable version 2.5.11 is released, your theme will be fully operational. Your migration was thus carried out very easily!

You will find on the dedicated file, the full description of this theme, the procedure for choosing a variant among the 21, that to add your CSS customization and the link to download the resource.
We also recommend that you read the file contained in the package.

Finally, let me conclude this news by thanking all the players in this package:
- Obviously, Richard, on the initiative of this magnificent theme and all during this project
- The team including GregMage
- Michael, as usually
- Ggoffy (DE), Luci rota (IT), my daughter (ES) for translation
- Lio MJ (pagination css style)

From Richard:
It has been a team effort, and you have helped push it farther than I first imagined. Thank you, and all who helped!
But, I do hope you will agitate people to move to 2.5.11 when the time comes shortly. There are lots of very compelling reasons not to ignore it.

Download and for more info: please visit the xSwatch4-enabled info page

You can read the original news on (French language)

New theme wgskiclub

New theme wgskiclub

Published by goffy on 13-Nov-2019 00:00 (2785 )
Hi XOOPS community

I want to provide my latest theme wgskiclub

The theme is based on onepage technology, i.e. on home page only blocks are used.

The theme use Bootstrap3 and supports parallax effect.

In the theme following modules have been adapted:
- apcal
- wginfo (a clone of publisher, used for general information)
- wgnews (a clone of publisher, used for actual news)
- wgteams
- wggallery
- wgsitenotice
- xnewsletter

all the other modules are not adapted.

In order to optimize page loading time and image quality I use three different images, which are linked via js as css background image to the website:
- for mobile devices I use the images "header-home-small.jpg", "parallax1-small.jpg" etc.
- for big devices I use the images "header-home-big.jpg", "parallax1-big.jpg" etc.
- for medium devices I use the images "header-home.jpg", "parallax1.jpg" etc.

You can see the theme in real time at

Download from XOOPS Germany
xSketchy: xBootstrap4 variation theme with a hand-drawn look

xSketchy: xBootstrap4 variation theme with a hand-drawn ...

Published by Mamba on 04-Aug-2018 20:20 (3005 )
xSketchy is a theme variation of the xBootstrap4 theme developed with Bootstrap4.

It adds a hand-drawn look for mockups and mirth (based on Bootswatch Sketchy theme)

xBootstrap4 1.0 RC1 (with Bootstrap 4.1.3)

xBootstrap4 1.0 RC1 (with Bootstrap 4.1.3)

Published by Mamba on 04-Aug-2018 19:30 (3062 )
Angelo Rocha created this great xBootstrap Theme for XOOPS, which was based on Bootstrap 3.x

Since Bootstrap 4.0 has been recently released, I've added it to Angelo's theme and called it xBootstrap4 .

It is now RC-1 (with Bootstrap 4.1.3, FontAwesome 5.0.4, and Owl 2.3.4)

We need some help from our Designers! Who can help?

You can fork the theme from:

Neilambilight Theme from Taiwan

Neilambilight Theme from Taiwan

Published by Mamba on 28-Apr-2018 23:00 (3314 )
Congratulations to Neil from Taiwan for the very nice theme "neilambilight":

DEMO: You can see the demo here:

There are also included two modules. To use it, you'll also need to install TadTools

ENGLISH: In case somebody is interested in English version, I've added English translation, and you can download it from GitHub:
Updated Themes: xSimpleGrid & xSimpleBlocks

Updated Themes: xSimpleGrid & xSimpleBlocks

Published by Mamba on 24-Feb-2018 02:10 (3552 )
Brutalicuss just updated his two themes for XOOPS 2.5.9:





This one is looks like others, my first - xsimplegrid, but its really quite different

- there is smart fast menu with almost automated links to our installed modules, user login or not, new messages, admin menu link
- there is simple top sliders for home and content pages
- parallax image between top and bottom blocks
- as usual background sliders for system and contents
- little breadcrumb over contents
- automated custom banner if system banner is off
- as usual fine social and search fields at the bottom
- OK and most important - mani, mani different blocks configuration:

The is 25 possible, different top (bottom) block configuration on the template, 12 bottom (top) and 5 for footer blocks
(see usage.txt and screenshots in docs folder, also you can view now in the demo - gallery)

The theme is clean for w3 validation, simple to use for own projects and as I believe looks modern and 100% responsive for mobile and tablets.


xBootstrap 4.0 Beta  (with Bootstrap 4.0 Stable and FontAwesome 5.0.4)

xBootstrap 4.0 Beta (with Bootstrap 4.0 Stable and ...

Published by Mamba on 22-Jan-2018 22:50 (4040 )
Angelo Rocha created this great xBootstrap Theme for XOOPS, which was based on Bootstrap 3.x

Since Bootstrap 4.0 Stable has been just released, I've added it to Angelo's theme and called it xBootstrap 4.0 Beta 3 (with Bootstrap 4.0 Stable and FontAwesome 5.0.4)

We need some help from our Designers! Who can help? :)

You can fork the theme from:
Free restaurant theme

Free restaurant theme

Published by bleekk on 23-Nov-2017 19:00 (4285 )
Hi everyone,

I have ported one new theme to xoops, the restaurant theme.
This theme is based on the bootstrap framework. If you want, you can use all module templates from the xbootstrap theme.

Spotlight premium theme [Commercial]

Published by bitcero on 05-Sep-2017 15:50 (8430 )

Spotlight theme

I am very pleased to announce you the availability of Spotlight, a highly customizable premium theme for XOOPS.

Spotlight comes with a lot of features integrated:

  • A control panel that will allows you to configure all theme features.
  • Unlimited colors support to create your own style.
  • Three different home page styles that can be combined to make your own personal style.
  • A stunning landing page template to be used with QuickPages.
  • Different page templates that can be used with QuickPages to create stunning pages.
  • Featured posts to show relevant information in home page.
  • A customizable homepage slider.
  • Tob and bottom banners support. Lateral banners can be inserted easily.
  • Supports Google webfonts.
  • Support of different kind of backgrounds.
  • Integrated with Google Custom Search.
  • 5 totally new blocks.
  • Based on Bootstrap 3.
  • Intregrated with MyWords, QuickPages, Common Utilities, and plugins.
  • ... and much more!

Also, Spotlight includes Advanced Forms Pro, a premium plugin that will bring new form fields to XOOPS: autosearch, Google web fonts, states and cities, images selector, icons selector and other.

Get more information here »

Free Android Theme for TDMDownloads

Published by heyula on 13-May-2017 21:40 (3406 )
Theme Properties:
- Responsive
- TDMDownloads compatible
- Blocks: Left block, middle block



Screen Pictures:

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