Tutorials on monxoops.fr

alain01  06-Dec-2020 10:30  3133 reads   2 Comment(s) 
The monxoops.fr team is proud to present its brand new xoops tutorials via a specific module!

XOOPS Modules Tutorials in ReadTheDocs style

Mamba  06-Aug-2017 11:30  5445 reads   1 comment 
Resized Image


First test to leverage XOOPS module tutorials created with Gitbook , to create a site for our tutorials in the style of "ReadTheDocs":

What do you think?

We need docs writers and translators! Can you help?

Since this was just a test, some...

Oledrion (MyShop) Tutorial coming to XOOPS

Mamba  16-Jan-2016 16:38  3360 reads   2 Comment(s) 
Resized Image

Oledrion (MyShop) is the best and most comprehensive e-Commerce module developed natively for XOOPS!

It was developed originally by Hervé Thouzard (aka Hervet) from XOOPS France, and lately it was enhanced by Hossein Azizabadi (aka Voltan) from XOOPS Iran.

I am working right...

The MVC pattern in Common Utilities

bitcero  18-Nov-2014 22:24  7136 reads   No comments 
Resized Image Probably very few of you know it, but Common Utilities have included since version 2.2, a basic implementation of the pattern MVC (Model - View - Controller). In this article I will give you a basic explanation of its operation in Common Utilities and integrated modules. If...

Excellent Tutorial in Spanish: Adapting HTML and CSS ...

Mamba  07-Oct-2014 13:47  7123 reads   4 Comment(s) 
Tony Rod has published an excellent video tutorial about "Adapting HTML and CSS Templates to XOOPS":

This is what he writes in his blog:

XOOPS has always been known for being a powerful and flexible CMS, however despite this, the creation of my own themes without relying on already available...

Tutorial: add a nice frame around your pictures

alain01  09-Jul-2013 21:08  7237 reads   15 Comment(s) 
The summer is here and it's time to publish news with your holidays pictures in your web sites...
Here find a new tutorial for improve your design, more modern, more pro.
i Hope you will like it...

In fact, we would add a white frame aroud your pictures with an shade effect.

Resized Image

Highlighting non-empty alphabet listing in XoopsTube

Mamba  17-Jun-2013 01:53  5389 reads   9 Comment(s) 
In XoopsTube we have a visual alphabetical listing of videos, so if you would like to see all videos starting with "B" you would click on the image with "B". Unfortunately, this is not the most user-friendly feature, because we don't know if there is anything under "B". So we needed to indicate...

YouTube plugin Installation in the TinyMCE editor

alain01  14-May-2013 08:16  15942 reads   2 Comment(s) 
Hello Xoopser !!!

Today, i want to show to you how it's easy to add a new plugin in the TinyMCE editor.
Why not try with the youtube plugin ? Resized Image

Ok, sooooooo, let's go !

1) First, download the youtube plugin here (Zip File here)

2) Extract zip and copy the directory /youtube in...

Tutorial: How to update tables to follow XOOPS' new ...

Mamba  05-Mar-2013 04:12  5666 reads   4 Comment(s) 
As you might already know, there is an effort to standardize our module development - from using the same module Admin GUI structure, to using the same icons across all modules, from using the same pagination structure for each table, to naming the tables and fields in a consistent way (see this...

Tutorial: New design for block comments, step by step

alain01  19-Feb-2013 21:25  7200 reads   4 Comment(s) 

Using templates pages in modules

alain01  10-Jan-2013 14:37  9267 reads   3 Comment(s) 

A lot of people using XOOPS, need to use templates for presenting homogeneous pages :

- cooking,
- some books,
- some movies,
- ...

I would show you how to use a template to generate your pages :


- Same template for all pages
- Homogeneous and more clear presentation
- Using of...

Tutorial: A nice Chat for XOOPS - 123flashchat

alain01  06-Jul-2012 18:28  9211 reads   2 Comment(s) 

I will show you in this tutorial how to install a Chat for XOOPS.

Oh, I hear you here saying : "Oh no, yet another poorly designed and not user friendly chat !"

False!!! Here you can see the beautiful and friendly users interface:




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