Published by heyula on 16-Jun-2021 19:10 (3960 )
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is ranked 165 in the QS international rating among 200 best Universities in the world and it is the leading University in Central Asia. In the international community, this achievement is called “the phenomenon of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University".

Modules Used:

- WgGallery
- XmContact Us
- XmContent
- Xmdoc
- XmNews
- xLanguage

Xoops Version

- Xoops 2.5.10

Site Address:

I continue to develop the site...

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Site created by monxoops: MDTests

Published by alain01 on 25-Nov-2020 14:20 (1752 )
The team is proud to present its new achievement, a 100% responsive website : MDTests

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we took as a template basis : startbootstrap-agency that we integrated into XOOPS.


Published by alain01 on 01-Mar-2020 23:00 (2511 )
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Today is March 1, 2020 and the official opening of the site. The URL address is:

We have worked hard for 4 months to offer you a new approach to XOOPS, with original documentation, innovative design and fully adaptive (full responsive), up-to-date, quality elements and essential resources for all webmasters.


In the coming months, you will discover new sections that will reach a large audience:

- Webmasters
- Beginners
- Users
- Beginner developers
- Experienced developers
- Beginner designers
- Experienced designers

The details of these sections can be found on our very first article, on

Enjoy your visit and have a great new experience!

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For, the current team, Greg and Alain

PS 1: No support is planned on

PS 2: The team is open to welcome any welcome help
Wang Lai House website

Wang Lai House website

Published by Mamba on 22-May-2018 23:40 (2582 )
A very nice Website made with XOOPS by our friends it Taiwan:

Congratulations to the developers/designers!!!

ITG Energy Powered by XOOPS and Common Utilities

Published by ryuaka on 02-Jun-2016 22:17 (7118 )
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Today I open the ITG Energy Mexico website that was a great challenge in every aspect, but especially programming and moding a lot of parts of it.

The site is this: ITG Energy Mexico

The freatures of the site are:

- Totally responsive
- SEO Friendly
- HTML 5 and CSS3 based
- Common Utilities
- xThemes

You can control many kind of features from the admin panel with the help of xThemes and Common Utilities, this features are the next:

- You can change the colors of the entire site
- You can control the main slider and all the elements; even you can create as many sliders you want. The main slider use Revolution Slider.
- Manage and control de content of the main page and some sections including blocks and images.
- Add or delete client logos from the footer page.
- You can add Google Analytics script and some script for live chat like Zopim or any other you want. Only put the script code in admin theme.
- You can control the links of all your social networks.
- Create menus and sub menus in header and footer page.
- Control the carousels of main page from admin.
- Projects and news in main page without a block.
- Capacity for show information and menus for subscribe users only depending on group.
- And many other stuff...

The modules used in the site are:

- MyWords
- Professional Works
- Quick Pages
- Oledrion (v 2.0 en español)
- SmartFAQ
- xForms

Thanks to the XOOPS Community and especially thanks to BitCero for the great modules, and the support on it. That web site is the result.

Finally I would like to say: Believe, XOOPS is great! is now open!

Published by bitcero on 05-May-2015 18:05 (5621 )
I'm very happy to announce that is now open! is a premium resources centre. This means that, on the site, you'll find a selection of best themes, modules, plugins and other elements, commercial end free. Currently, the site is in the early stage, so only the section of themes is active, but gradually I'll include another sections for modules, plugins and others. Also, in near future, I plan to open the site for those developers and designers that wish to distribute their work (free or commercial) trough a unified system. Site Details The website is bulding using the next components: - XOOPS - Professional Works - QuickPages - xThemes - Common Utilities - bXpress - Advanced Forms - Ayah - Lightbox - Gravatar - eJunkie integrator - WowThemes! All these components has been integrated to provide the needed functionality. Also, almost all these components are freely available, with exception of eJunkie integrator and WowThemes, both developed specially for with new theme based on Ethernial

Published by bitcero on 27-Mar-2015 18:19 (5138 )
A new theme, based on Ethernial has been created for by Eduardo Cortés. The new theme includes full integration with Formulize, a module designed for forms creation and reports on the web. Resized Image
Another relevant feature of this new site, is a new Landing Page for QuickPages that is used as home page. This landing page has two different layouts: one for anonymous users and another for registered users. The biggest challenge for this project was the integration with formulize, because this module has all presetation code (HTML) hard coded in PHP files, however the results are satisfactory. In words of François, Webmaster of
I had a big project: to redesign my website with some particular needs, like changing the UX for an awesome module called Formulize. For that job I didn’t only need a web designer, I needed also experience in php and javascript. Because I’ve already worked 2 years ago with Eduardo (bitcer0), I knew what he can do with rmcommon, and how he changed my UX with xoops. One month later he has built a beautiful design (as always) and he gaves a powerful new way to use this module, without hardcoding. That’s just unbelievable. Thank you, really.

— François.
Webmaster of

Used modules: - Common Utilities - xThemes - QuickPages - Formulize You can visit this web site here. Also you can view the item in my portfolio. with modified xBootstrap Theme

Published by reWARder on 27-Feb-2015 14:02 (5511 )
Back in November 2014 I've started working with my coder from Italy on moving ocaholic to the xBootstrap theme. Meanwhile we've almost done everything we wanted to. There are some things in the forums we still want to change and there are also some minor changes to the way Publisher looks. Apart from that we want to change the news appear on the front page. But once all these things are done we're finally where we want to be.

Resized Image

Here we go with a link to the site: ocaholic

To give you a little overview which version of Xoops and the modules installed we're using, here a list:

Publisher: 1RC
Smartfaq: 1.08
Calendar: 2.21 Final
Multilingual Content Module: 2.17 Beta 1
extGallery: 1.11
News: 1.68 RC1
NewBB: 4.4 Alpha 1
WebLinks: 1.95
XoopsPoll: 1.33 Final
Private Messaging: 1.1 RC2
Smart Profile: 1.86 RC2
Xoops Tag: 2.31 Beta 2
xNewsletter: 1.2 Final
xLanguage: 3.05 Beta 1

Please let us know what you think. The theme is fully responsive also. If you have any suggestions we would be more than happy reading from you.

GuiadoCFTV - Powered by XOOPS!

Published by AngeloRocha on 20-Jan-2015 01:35 (36249 )
Hello friends, this is the new portal of GuiadoCFTV!

Produced with xbootstrap and XOOPS

Resized Image

See online:

- News
- Publihser
- Newbb
- TDMDownloads
- Contact
- Extcal
- Lexikon
- FBComments
- XOOPS Partners
- XOOPS Polls

And others...


GroupeFPN: New website for students in Morocco created with ...

Published by jeune-maghre on 06-Jun-2014 12:52 (6739 )
I'm pleased to present the new website created for Moroccan students: GroupeFPN

Resized Image

modules used :

Mastop Go2

theme used :


Thanks XOOPS! It's the best tool to create a Website!!! Powered by XOOPS

Published by xiran on 14-May-2014 22:33 (17263 )
Hello World , New Persian Fantasy and sci-fi Books & Movies Fans Site Created by XOOPS

Resized Image

xoops 2.5.6 Persian

news 1.63

Thank you XOOPS

XOOPS Fire - New Layout!

Published by AngeloRocha on 30-Mar-2014 17:55 (9318 )
Hello, i bring to you the new XOOPS Fire Portal! The new theme is based on the template xBootstrap and uses the modules:

- Publisher
- XOOPS Tube
- Tags
- TDM Downloads
- Planet
- Contact
- ExtGallery

Resized Image

See online:


Estetik Ameliyat Powered by XOOPS

Published by heyula on 12-Mar-2014 10:18 (17567 )
Resized Image

Modules :


Thank you XOOPS.

Yüz Estetiği

Virtual Livros - Powered by XOOPS!

Published by AngeloRocha on 25-Jan-2014 17:42 (23268 )
The Brazilian teacher Omar Schneider has just launched a website in XOOPS! Virtual Books.

- xfguestbook
- publisher
- extgallery
- xForms
- fmContent

Theme: xOlive Theme

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Vraemperu a site powered by XOOPS

Published by JesusRomero on 24-Jan-2014 01:04 (17022 )
Vraem Peru is a site made ​​with XOOPS in Spanish, using template with image slider in the head.

Main modules:
- News
- xcgal
- xoopstube
- contact
- mastop_publish
- latestnews
- multimenu
- xsitemap


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Slider Head:
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