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General XOOPS.org forums Topics Posts Last Post
XOOPS.org announcements General announcements on forum discussions on the xoops.org websites. 32 45 XOOPS 2.5.10 Release Candidate by Mamba 2019/3/31 5:37
Technology, Tools, Best Practices Forum to discuss Technology Trends, new Tools, and Best Practices in the area of Web development 140 606 Re: PHP 8.0.0 Beta 4 available for te... by Mamba 9/18 12:14
XOOPS.org feedback & suggestions Post your ideas, comments, gripes, compliments about the xoops.org websites here. 92 882 Download section on xoops.org by goffy 1/15 6:47 Subforums [XOOPS.org redesign] [Spread XOOPS project]
XOOPS.org Members Lounge The Members Lounge is the place to talk about anything non-xoops related. Hang out here with the other members! 1704 11411 Re: Keeping time with ntp.snails.email by wishcraft 2019/5/26 11:02
File repository - Maintenance Working place for the restructured file repository to come. 61 318 site map by zivXP 3/11 21:57
XOOPS Project Teams For XOOPS project teams 303 2835 Re: A big surprise for 2020 by AdamBR 3/7 19:40 Subforums [XOOPS Design Team] [XOOPS Modules Team] [XOOPS Core Team] [XOOPS Support Team] [XOOPS Quality Team] [XOOPS Documentation Team]
XOOPS Community Support forums Topics Posts Last Post
2.3.x Support Topics dedicated to XOOPS 2.3.x Installation/Upgrade 405 2747 Re: XOOPS 2.3.x Translations by Zap_English 2017/1/22 9:37
2.4.x Support Topics dedicated to XOOPS 2.4.x Installation/Upgrade 443 2764 Re: Favicon Is Usually Simple by loukaum 2017/10/20 13:46
2.5.x Support Topics dedicated to XOOPS 2.5.x Installation/Upgrade 680 4549 Re: Maintenance not working by Zap_English 8/15 9:21
2.6.x Support Forum for issues related to XOOPS 2.6.x 63 772 Re: Job module by heh26 3/7 14:09
Beginner's Corner New to XOOPS and want to ask your questions? COme here for your newbie help! 9816 42285 Re: Chess module by miktre 5/24 23:04
XOOPS general usage questions General questions about how to get the most out of your XOOPS site, post those here. 7167 32796 Re: Help with Error redirections by geekwright 5/15 22:22
Installation Troubleshooting Having trouble installing XOOPS? Get your help here! 3414 16772 Re: Upgrade problem going from 2.3.3 ... by Dhurgan 12/11 21:49
Q and A General questions and answers are posted here. 7881 35769 Re: latest xoops modules by zyspec 3/16 16:20
XOOPS Hosting Post requests, descriptions, and experiences with various Hosting Services in this forum. 371 1870 VIM and Apache2 setting for xoops wha... by wishcraft 2017/7/21 12:13
Fixed Bugs / FAQ (Read-Only) Please first read this forum and see if your bug is already solved 66 314 Re: xoops Compatibility with Mobile /... by xoobaru 2015/5/31 22:21
XOOPS Modules Support forums Topics Posts Last Post
Module usage questions Discuss about development of Xoops modules in this forum. 6625 31392 Re: Module profile and translation up... by alain01 5/29 0:57
Module troubleshooting Having problems with a module, and want helpin solving it? Post your troubleshooting help requests here. 8092 36085 Re: Publisher Images on Facebook by Zap_English 6/13 19:55
Module reviews Tell the comunity what your opinion of a module is by posting your review here. 367 3601 Re: Change scrolling direction in Sho... by Mamba 5/22 0:49
Module requests Post your module wishlists here. No guarantees these will be granted 2708 13291 Re: spanish translate for publish mod... by zyspec 6/16 17:19
Module hack reviews Review the hacks for XOOPS modules here. 656 3665 Re: Publisher SliderProblem by Yurdal 6/29 19:29
XOOPS Themes and Templates Support forums Topics Posts Last Post
Theme and template troubleshooting Having trouble installing a theme or a template set? Ask for troubleshooting help here. 1226 5372 Re: Overloaded pm_pmlite.tpl (PM modu... by alain01 5/7 8:13
Theme templates and Smarty help Post questions, requests, suggestions, and how-tos on Smarty templates implemented in XOOPS here. 724 3242 Re: Re-Design the PM templates - Need... by alain01 5/28 22:14
Theme stylesheets (CSS) help Post your questions about how to get the most out of Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) for your theme and templates here. 303 1502 Re: Modal images Gallery with Bootstr... by Mamba 4/12 21:07
Theme design questions Ask your questions about XOOPS theme design here. 820 4034 Updating older xoops 2 themes by safeinsanity 1/13 23:42
Theme designer talk Use this forum to talk about theme and template development ideas. 322 2126 Re: Constra Construction Xoops Theme by alain01 6/21 16:30
Theme requests Need a design ported to a XOOPS theme? Post your requests here! 349 1488 Re: Is the xoops.org theme available ... by goffy 5/6 10:03
Website reviews of Xoops sites Show your Xoops based website and get other webmasters to review and criticize it. 835 4371 Re: New theme wgskiclub by heyula 2019/11/13 20:37
Xoops Development Topics Posts Last Post
Quality Assurance Setting the bar for the quality of the XOOPS Code, the QA team helps the XOOPS community keep XOOPS stable and secure. 69 612 Caption on the screen of the front th... by wishcraft 2017/3/4 4:55 Subforums [Xoops Beta Testing Team]
XOOPS Module Development 653 5403 wgTransifex 1.03 RC2 available for te... by goffy 7/26 19:45 Subforums [Blue Move] [Module Testing Area] [Coding and Security Support] [Code Sharing and Library] [Language and Document Translation]
Xoops Development Talk about the development of Xoops in general. 942 6101 Re: CERCASI SVILUPPATORE MODULI XOOPS... by luciorota 9/18 17:40
Xoops Bug Reports Please help us find bugs in XOOPS 1093 5141 Re: xoopsClone issues by luciorota 2019/9/12 13:58 Subforums [XOOPS 2.2 bug reports] [Xoops 2.0 Bug Report]
Feature Request Post all your feature requests and enhancement ideas here. We will listen to and welcome all ideas. It may also give you mod developers ideas as well. 676 3669 Re: a simple method to return the gro... by Mamba 2/1 19:19
XOOPS Core Hacks Share your hacks with the rest of the XOOPS community. 418 3604 Re: A fixed nl2Br -- no more extra wh... by moss 12/10 14:02
Roadmap Discussion about the roadmap for All Things XOOPS (core, modules, themes, support, documentation, quality control, promotion, community). Moderated. 44 625 Re: Xoops on Freelancer.com by Mamba 2015/4/10 2:29
XOOPS 2.0 CVS discussions No support until the official release 25 152 Re: Where is CodeMirror class? by Mamba 2010/3/30 11:34
International Support Topics Posts Last Post
For issues related XOOPS International Support
Translations 60 437 Re: XOOPS translations with Transifex by Mamba 7/26 22:49
Local Web Issues 19 115 Re: XOOPS France by Mage 2019/9/25 19:32
Other 24 216 Re: wgGallery on phpclasses.org by Mamba 9/5 20:37
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