Alternative sections 1.3

Anonymous  20-Mar-2002 22:00  3071 reads   No comments 
Just updated the alternate sections module to 1.3

Added popular/recent blocks (like news).
Fixed bug where new articles would have wrong date, see file for fix.

You can get it here.

Galeria v1.1

aitor  17-Mar-2002 19:36  3871 reads   No comments 
Galeria v1.1 is released

More info:

Carol Hess and Aitor Uskola

Actualized versions for win32

w4z004  14-Mar-2002 11:45  3492 reads   No comments 
Here i'm put the last versions for win32: - PHP 4.1.2 zip package [5,824Kb] - Apache 2.0.28 Beta [2.7M] - MySQL 4.0.1-alpha [17.2M] - MyODBC 3.51.02 [602K] - MySQL-Front 2.1 [1.208 KB]

Galeria v1.0 released

aitor  10-Mar-2002 02:27  4255 reads   No comments 

Please visit the downloads section to get yours!

Also announcing the new English Galeria Support site:


Stop by and pick up some supplemental Picture Frame Styles and see the Galeria in action!

Aitor Uskola

Spanish Support Site

Dansk support


Meta-Generator module v1.00 for Xoops 1.0 RC2

Anonymous  03-Mar-2002 15:15  3915 reads   No comments 
Replaces Ref Hack v2-4.1
This version modularizes the whole hack. Complete with translation
files, documentation, and visual interface.


An event calendar for Xoops

pascal  28-Feb-2002 08:07  8695 reads   No comments 
This event calendar is in beta version, but it works very well, you can see it at Xoops Tests et Modules sorry the site is just in french, but you can download the calendar (Calendrier des evenements) it's available in english and french...

Dutch support and language files availeble at ....

Ritchie  27-Feb-2002 13:38  4409 reads   No comments 
Hi all.

For all Dutch Xoops users, the language files in the download section here are all for the RC1.0 version. If you want to obtain the language files for Xoops RC1 2.0.1 you can download them from another site

All files currently supported by Xoops and some extra will be availeble at:  

Referencement hack for Xoops

Alain  24-Feb-2002 17:30  6021 reads   8 Comment(s) 
Xoops France Site co-webmasters (Xtremdj and Pascal) released a great hack to improve the referencement of a Xoops Site in Search Engines (notably in Google). It is inspired by the PostNuke "article.php" file working. It puts all the article words in the meta keywords of the page , separated by...

Top site Beta 1

inconnue_team  20-Feb-2002 08:29  3859 reads   4 Comment(s) 

Team unknown has just taken out a preversion of the Top Site for Xoops!

You can, please , find her(it) there demo and it downloads on this meme site!

Indeed to you kotshiro



Polish language support site

Nordavind  18-Feb-2002 08:30  4138 reads   4 Comment(s) 
Polish language support site for Xoops already started: XOOPS Polska - lots of translations for modules, themes and other - if you wish your module/theme to be translated in polish, feel free to contact us...

Resized Image

Xoops Czech Support Site

ZPC  17-Feb-2002 15:32  3887 reads   No comments 
it's probably the time to anounce the Xoops Czech Support Site now. I don't know if it's going to be official, but we will try to keep our site in shape and our users supported.


RadicalX Theme for RC2

chapi  06-Feb-2002 11:39  3384 reads   No comments 
Hello XOOPers,

I did a few changes to the RadicalX Theme so it will work with RC2.

Last Day! Vote for XOOPS Here!

Fireater  29-Jan-2002 17:16  3404 reads   No comments 
Guys, Head over to this site and vote for Xoops.
Just One Day Left. So if you haven't voted, do it now.


I hope Xoops leads for ease of setup and out-of-box functionality.

The results are on 1 Feb.

Download names...

lykoszine  29-Jan-2002 09:32  3365 reads   No comments 
How about sorting out a quick set of guidelines as to how to name files so that we know what version they are designed for?

I just downloaded the errorhandler (errorhandler.zip) and when you dump it in your folder with all the othe downloads it is not that explanatory.

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