Major improvements to XOOPS 2.6.0, Alpha 3 release is ...

Mamba  23-Nov-2013 18:43  14209 reads   21 Comment(s) 
Richard Griffith, our Core Team Leader continues to make major improvements to the XOOPS 2.6.0 Core!

Yesterday he committed a major batch of new features to our code repository on GitHub, and I thought that it was significant enough to make it a special news!

This is the summary from...

Ricardo Costa (Trabis) and Nicolas Andricq (ForMuss) ...

XoopsCouncil  16-Sep-2013 07:20  6216 reads   3 Comment(s) 
Resized Image

We are pleased to announce that Ricardo Costa (Trabis) from Portugal and Nicolas Andricq (ForMuss) from France, have been inducted into the XOOPS Hall of Fame

XOOPS Hall of Fame has been created to recognize people who provided in the past extraordinary support and...

XOOPS is back, and with a vengeance! :)

Mamba  15-Sep-2013 13:36  11583 reads   13 Comment(s) 
Resized Image

I don't think, we had so much excitement about XOOPS as we have right now, in a very very long time!

We're now starting to work with full power on XOOPS 2.6.0!

Resized Image

After incorporating the Doctrine DB Abstraction Layer, that puts us on par in the DB area with projects like Laravel...

Richard Griffith to lead XOOPS Core Team

XoopsCouncil  10-Sep-2013 21:35  18374 reads   12 Comment(s) 
The XOOPS Council is very pleased to announce that Richard Griffith (geekwright) has accepted the position of Team Leader for the XOOPS Core Team. As indicated on our Team Descriptions, the key areas for Richard and the Core Team are:

- Perform a thorough review of the security of the code base...

MySQLi Connectors for Xoops 2.5.6 and 2.6

redheadedrod  03-Aug-2013 22:01  5248 reads   5 Comment(s) 
MySQLi connectors are now available for 2.5.6 and 2.6. These connectors should be considered as Beta and should not be used on a production server at this time.

These have been designed as a drop in addition to the current MySQL connector.

The current MySQL connector used by Xoops allows Xoops...

XOOPS Council adds new members

XoopsCouncil  12-Jun-2013 15:13  6064 reads   17 Comment(s) 
The XOOPS Community is blessed with many great individuals, who dedicate countless hours to help XOOPS to move forward. We see them on the forums, and we see the results of their hard work in new and/or updated modules, themes, and bug fixes.

The key to XOOPS success is to have a strong team...

Nominate XOOPS for Critics Choice CMS Awards

Mamba  10-Jun-2013 12:09  4469 reads   7 Comment(s) 
The Critics Choice CMS Awards are now accepting nominations for 2013... and XOOPS needs your support!

Nominations are open through August 1, 2013. Actual voting takes place from September 1 - November 1, 2013.

Please consider nominating XOOPS in any (or all) of the following categories:

- Best...

XOOPS 2.5.6 Final Released

Mamba  28-Apr-2013 21:33  36658 reads   21 Comment(s) 
The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce the release of XOOPS 2.5.6 Final. This release is focused on making XOOPS 2.5.6 compatible with PHP 5.4.x, on security enhancements, and on updating external libraries to their latest versions: - Smarty 2.6.27 - TinyMCE 3.5.8 -...

Xoops sites and Google Pagerank

timgno  26-Apr-2013 07:07  839 reads   No comments 
A check covering the recent pagerank sites, I found that on all sites xoops, including mine, we dropped by one point. I believe that everything I've read and heard on the network, with respect to new systems that use google to detect this data, are unfounded, and that you actually want inpedire...

Smallworld 1.15 RC 12

culex  17-Apr-2013 17:02  6547 reads   18 Comment(s) 
This release is concentrating on bug fixes and adjusting javascript on the newer jquery 1.90+ versions wich has changed a lot of functions as well as removing others.

The module does have new functions though.

Smallworld is a module to simulate a social network system. Add friends and follow...

UnaLocura.es new website made with Xoops

Windfury  14-Apr-2013 21:18  318 reads   No comments 
Hi, we take pride in sharing our new website www.UnaLocura.es made with the super Xoops CMS.

The site is aimed at leisure and fun, hope you like it and fellowship with its content.

We would also like to receive suggestions and criticisms, if any

A big salute to all the Xoops community!

New installers for XOOPS on BitNami

Mamba  08-Apr-2013 12:01  6923 reads   1 comment 
We are very happy that BitNami has just released BitNami Stack for XOOPShttp://bitnami.com/stack/xoops.

Resized Image

It is an easy one-click installer for Windows, OS X and Linux. They are self-contained and independent so you can install it without modify your system.

You can also...

Xortify 4.06 - Heuristic Spam Checking Edition

wishcraft  04-Apr-2013 05:12  456 reads   No comments 
Resized Image
Xortify 4.06 - Heuristic Spam Checking Edition

Xortify is a network security drone that uses Web 2.0 techniques to link between your XOOPS installs and other via a Server Cloud. This will prevent security intrusions to your xoops with accurate deceptive notation of the intruder and prevent any...

SourceForge adds XOOPS to its directory of ...

Mamba  29-Mar-2013 21:30  6625 reads   3 Comment(s) 
SourceForge has recently announced creation of a directory for "Enterprise-Ready Open Source Projects", or "Enterprise Directory". These are the projects that are geared specifically for use within a company. This might include areas such as project management, office suites, or customer...

Classifieds 2.53 RC1 Released 3/27/13

jlm69  27-Mar-2013 19:54  4533 reads   2 Comment(s) 
Resized ImageThere are no new features except the admin has changed a bit.
It now uses the new module admin style. I also changed the way categories are listed in the admin. I did it the way Mamba did in my Jobs module. I want to thank Mamba for...
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