About the Teams

In 2009 the XOOPS organization was updated with the following structure, each managing, organizing and executing activities in a specific area. In June 2013 we have added new members, and the current structure is as follow:

Core Development Team

Coordinated by:  Geekwright (Richard Griffith)

  • Perform a thorough review of the security of the code base as a primary priority.
  • Produce Development Road map in-linenwith community expectations and needs.
  • Innovate and maintain core software to current technical and security standards.
  • Resolve legitimate bugs submitted innthe tracker.
  • Enlist the best and brightest open source software developers through communication, innovation and integrity.
  • Assist in the training andndevelopment of emerging developers for the XOOPS Project.
  • Assist in preparation of documentation concerning the core, in partnership with the Documentationngroup.

Documentation Team

Coordinated by:  Alain01 (Alain Thivillier)

  • Create and maintain 'Hacks' repository
  • Produce documentation including manuals, tutorialsnand articles and FAQs on the use and customisation of the core XOOPS system, third-party modules and related technical issues.
  • Assist Core Development and Code Standards, ModulenDevelopment and Design groups to publish development-oriented documentation.
  • Maintain a repository of completed documentation and translations on behalf of thenproject.

Modules Development Team

Coordinated by Zyspec (Jim Garrett)

  • Maintain a module development forge as a collaborative work facility forncommunity module developers.
  • Maintain a high-quality repository of completed modules, addons and themes for distribution to the XOOPS community in cooperation with other workngroups.
  • Create and maintain module packs for different applications of XOOPS including a standard pack to be made available for download with the core XOOPSndistribution.
  • Publish and maintain documents outlining module design specifications, best practices and security/quality assurance standards.
  • Assist in thentraining and development of emerging module developers for the XOOPS Project
  • Assist in preparation of documentation concerning module development, in partnership with thenDocumentation group.
  • Establish dialog to identify the most desired modules sought by the community.

UI/UX Design Team

Coordinated by: OPEN

  • Provide sample themes with the latest technology implementations to spur community creativity.
  • Maintain theme packs for differentnapplications of XOOPS including a standard pack to be made available for download with the core XOOPS distribution.
  • Publish and maintain documents outlining theme designnspecifications, best practices and security/quality assurance standards.
  • Assist in the training and development of emerging theme developers for the XOOPS Projectn.
  • Assist in preparation of documentation concerning theme development, in partnership with the Documentation Group.
  • Establish dialog to identify the mostndesired themes sought by the community.
  • Standardize themes across official project sites.

Community Coordination/Support Team

Coordinated by:  OPEN

  • Maintain and moderate official project forums according to current acceptable use policies.
  • Maintain and publish moderationnrules, standards and procedures and the Code of Conduct.
  • Foster working relationship with XOOPS end users that promotes creativity andnprofessionalism.
  • Resolve community disputes through consensus building, mediation and general common sense.
  • Develop mechanism for acquiring community inputnfor development road map, module development, theme design and community web site enhancements
  • Maintain mechanism for distributing notices regarding security updates, sitenoutages, maintenance windows and other issues to community members.
  • Provide a forum for representation of and collaboration between the Project and Certified XOOPS CommunitynSupport Sites.
  • Submit useful contributions of code, themes, translations and other useful resources developed by their communities to the main project’snrepositories

International Support Team

Coordinated by:  Cesag (Christelle Gaulupeau).

  • Ensure proper operations of Certified XOOPS Community SupportnSites
  • Engage XOOPS international sites to provide translations and timely release of news to the appropriate community sites.

Communication/Marketing Team

Coordinated by OPEN

  • Maintain a list of contact points to facilitate distribution of information from the project to the community and international supportnsites.
  • Maintain mechanism for distributing notices regarding security updates, site outages, maintenance windows and other issues to communitynmembers.
  • Consolidate and and edit news stories, interviews and announcements from the project teams, community and international support sites for publication andnredistribution.
  • Prepare and publish a regular email newsletter for publication to subscribers and for distribution to community and international supportnsites.
  • Promote XOOPS through preparation and circulation of promotional materials, organising XOOPS representation in events, competitions and other publicitynopportunities.
  • Maintain journalistic integrity that projects professionalism and truth to the community.
  • Publish quarterly updates on the activities andnaccomplishments of all Project Groups.

User Team

Coordinated by OPEN

  • Goals: TBD

Additional Responsibilities that apply to All Teams:

  • Establish a mechanism by which the community can submitncontributions for review. Incorporate useful contributions in the teams work or in the project’s online repositories, as appropriate.
  • Utilize the Communications and Support teams tonestablish ties with similarly focused teams and contributors from the international XOOPS community.
  • Contribute quarterly updates and accomplishments to the Communications Groupnfor publication.
  • Maintain working relationship with the whole community and other XOOPS teams.
  • Actively recruit work group members from volunteers in thenwhole XOOPS community considering the capacity, workload and demonstrated disposition of potential candidates, maintaining a minimum of five active team members at all times.
  • Publishnand maintain a list of current team members and their responsibilities or projects.

Project Council

The Council is responsible for overall management andndirection of the XOOPS Project. Initially the council will help get the teams organized and empowered to begin their tasks. If a team's progress stops, the council will help get the teamnre-staffed and moving forward.
Current Council members:  Zyspec (Jim Garrett), Cesag (Christelle Gaulupeau), Geekwright (Richard Griffith), Alain01 (Alain Thivillier).

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