Re: convert phpnuke to xoops

This is something that I hope to get the devs to address with the next major version of Xoops, which is including a migragtion script in future versions. And no, I don't know when the next major version of XOOPS will be released, probably not for quite a while.

Re: News Categories Module Hack Released "UPDATE"

what does this do?

Re: XOOPS Management for Webmasters and Contentmanagers?

I wrote one, awhile ago that does all of this, I'm not what I did with it, but I'm sure someone has it.

Re: how to provide news feed from xoops

Unfortanetly there isn't a central way for the headline's module to automatically provide your news to other websites, that would be a great feature, but I'm not sure how you would impliment it without have a centralized web services area on the XOOPS domain.

In order to syndicate your news, you have to find news syndication companies and simply market your content the way you market your site. Do a google search on "free newsfeeds" and you can probably submit your backend.php file to them.

Re: time to say goodbye to newbb?

Spot on! If I knew there was an intention to enhance newbb to include some of the features it's lacking over the Invision and Phpbb boards, then I'd have no hesitation in sticking with newbbBut to my knowledge there are no plans to develop the newbb feature set further (I may well be wrong on this), and the fact I don't posess the skills to code it myself means that if I wish to have these added features my current options are somewhat limited.

I'm not as involved in the XOOPS project as I used to be, other than trying to help market it. But I would be willing to bet that the Devs are working on enhancing NewBB for the next major release. And I'm sure the devs are monitoring this thread as well. I think other than complaining about NewBB and saying that PHPBB or IVasion etc.... is better, or contains more features than NewBB. I think a more constructive thread would be, you guys tell us what your dream enhancements to NewBB would be. I will put all the suggestions into a nice requirements document and then we can go from there.

I would actually be interested in finding out exactly what new features everyone would like to see added to XOOPS for the next few releases. Maybe we as a community can actually draw up a community roadmap, and then the new module development team, the core team, and other devs can submit hacks and improvements based on what everyone comes up with.

Re: XOOPS and ZoneAlarm

you need to disable your cookies

Re: How to improve WF - Sections

I would like to be able to use it as a Fanfiction, or Story Module and for that I would want to be able to do

nested categories, with user uploads, and chaptering features.

So we could have

Story Name/Author
Story Chapters

All allowing users to upload their own stuff.

and I would like to get it to work, to this day I've never been able to get the module to work. Usually when I install it, I end up with blank pages on the index page, or in the module itself.

Re: time to say goodbye to newbb?

I think most site owners get too hung up on their Forums and various bells and whistles. While the end users really don't care which forum package you use. All they want to be able to do is have a discussion, and use smilies.

I honestly can't see what all these other forums offer that NewBB DOESN'T. It even now has a notifications feature. About the only thing missing, maybe is the ability to follow threads in their email, which basically becomes a listserve at that point. Again it has notifications feature, threaded/flat few, smilies, and it even looks like phpbb, icon board, blah, blah. Best of all it's fully integrated into the core. So I don't get where this need or desire comes from to swap it with something else.

Amazon.com Module Port?

hey, someone at phpnuke created a really cool Amazon module. Can someone port this to Xoops?

You can see it at


Re: MassMail to members [fixed]

malexandria I think that our problem is related also to the fact that we cannot edit the group of registered user and we cannot modify users

Actually I've always had this problem, even under 1.35 . I think it's an issue with an artificial "limit" being placed on the number of users being sent to. So maybe it simply refuses to send to more than say 70 people? Or it's a memory problem.

I've narrowed down my issue with the Edit and Modifying users to the fact that there's a memory leak. X2 seems to be crapping out of memory while trying to pull the user
data from the users table. And I can't figure out how to fix
this problem. My host provider increased the php.ini file to 10 and it still runs out of memory.

I'm betting this is also part of the problem with the mail users function that it's not running in a bunch of different environment and there's something in the code that's preventing from sending to "large groups".

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