XH-001 Theme Free

Published by heyula on 26-Mar-2017 13:40 (243 )

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New module wgTimelines

Published by goffy on 21-Jan-2017 11:20 (2261 )
Hi all

New year - and as a present a new module!

The XOOPS module wgTimelines is a simple module for presentation of your timelines.
You can define various items for each timeline.

For displaying your timeline you can select between different templates,...

XOOPS PHPMailer Security Patches Released

Published by Anonymous on 01-Jan-2017 13:40 (1783 )
The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce the release of security patches for XOOPS 2.5.8 and XOOPS

These patches includes the latest version of PHPMailer to address a serious vulnerability. All XOOPS users are encouraged to update as...

XOOPS Website in transition

Published by Mamba on 29-Nov-2016 01:48 (4068 )
In the next few weeks the XOOPS Website will be very busy, with a lot of work happening in the front of you!

Instead of making a secret out of it, and then creating a huge splash out of it, we've decided...

10 Bootstrap Themes converted to XOOPS (Alpha release)

Published by Anonymous on 03-Oct-2016 08:40 (3565 )
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I started a conversion of 10 Bootstrap themes to XOOPS, but I'll need...

XOOPS GitHub Twitter Block added

Published by Mamba on 02-Oct-2016 03:07 (2072 )
If you would like to see what is XOOPS doing on GitHub, you can subscribe to our GitHub Twitter:

I have also added a block with recent tweets...

MyMenus 1.52 Final, with Drag & Drop, Is Released

Published by Mamba on 13-Sep-2016 09:55 (2629 )
MyMenus 1.52 Final for XOOPS 2.5.8+ and PHP 5.5+ (incl. PHP 7) has been released - this release fixes issues with static methods discovered by Goffy.


OnFocus 1.2, XOOPS premium theme

Published by Anonymous on 29-Aug-2016 03:30 (3845 )
I'm very pleased to announce the availability of OnFocus 1.2, an advanced XOOPS premium theme.

OnFocus is a...

Userlog 1.17 Alpha2 released for XOOPS 2.5.8 and PHP 7

Published by Mamba on 28-Aug-2016 17:24 (3130 )
We are happy to announce the UserLog 1.17 Alpha 2 module for XOOPS 2.5.8 and PHP 7

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MyMenus 1.51 Final, with Drag & Drop, Is Released

Published by Mamba on 28-Aug-2016 17:05 (2548 )
Thanks to Bleekk and the XOOPS Germany team, we have now "Drag & Drop" incorporated into MyMenus Module.

In the picture below, you can see the links as bars that you can drag around to set the sorting, as well...

PingTrax 1.04 - Pingbacks +Trackbacks +Sitemaps

Published by Anonymous on 21-Aug-2016 05:00 (2709 )
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Chronolabs Cooperative
... Presents ...
PingTrax 1.04

PingTrax 1.04 is a module that uses auto discovery to...

Release of xmcontent version 0.21

Published by Mage on 14-Aug-2016 15:11 (3030 )
I am pleased to announce the release of xmcontent 0.21 final!

Xmcontent is a simple content module for XOOPS. This module allows create content pages. The main point on the module:
• Individual permissions for all contents.
• Keywords (SEO) per...

Articles about XOOPS in Tech Republic

Published by Anonymous on 05-Aug-2016 22:20 (3104 )
We knew it already for years, but it's always nice to see that the technology media also considers XOOPS as powerful and limitless as Drupal and Joomla, as it was stated recently in an article in Tech Republic ! ...

XoopsHeadline 1.11 & Planet XML 2.10 Released for XOOPS ...

Published by Anonymous on 02-Aug-2016 11:50 (3011 )
The XOOPS Development Team is happy to announce a release of two Feed Readers for RSS and Atom:

XoopsHeadline 1.11 Final and Planet XML 2.10 Final

XoopsHeadline module is used to display RSS feeds on your website. It is typically...

Two awesome XOOPS modules gwReports and gwLoto are now on ...

Published by Anonymous on 28-Jul-2016 14:20 (2477 )
If you're interested to see what's possible with XOOPS, check out these two professional-grade modules, gwReports and gwLoto, developed by Richard (aka Geekwright), our Core Team leader.

Both of them are now available for forking on...