Inconnue Xoopsé!

inconnue_team  27-Jan-2002 17:44  3171 reads  0
Hello xoopsers My site is now Xoopsed!
downloads Videos And Webmaster !
The site is here http://inconnueteam.nukien.com
excuse me for the english but i am french!
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mini offline party (topics CMS) at tokyo

tadashi  24-Jan-2002 06:32  4208 reads  0
mini offline party (topics CMS) at tokyo
2002.1.25(fri) PM 7:00-
one of xoops developper will explain about xoops.
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Some post rules here, please

wanderer  11-Jan-2002 11:32  3626 reads  0
Hello dear here,
Welcome here and Thank you like this program and give us many help ,suggestions. But sometimes we have different idea and point. It can make progress also some argument. that's No prob. but please not here, you can use mail or PM to talk about your different Point. We don't think it should be posted at Forum. The forum is only for the Xoops use ! sugest, idea, bug repports etc!! So we have the rule here.
If the users Fight or argue at the forum. First time,we will delete those posts and Banned the user post for two weeks, the second time, we will not welcome the user and will delete his account.
So If you love our project, please let here clean, just talk about the program. No argument , no fight. That's all. Thanks.
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NukeShop back online.

WildMan  07-Jan-2002 16:38  3400 reads  0
We have lost our database so anyone that was registered needs to reregister with the site.
Sorry for the inconvience.
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Linuxlookup.com is doing a community consensus on CMS.

Anonymous  07-Jan-2002 14:24  3560 reads  0
All XOOPS lovers, let our voice be heard, go vote!

"With so many great content management systems (CMS) out there many of you are wondering which is right for you, or would at least like a general consensus to sway your indecisiveness in one direction. So I want to explore the issue further. We'll spend the next month gathering public opinion on some of the top rated content management systems... "

Read the full article at http://www.linuxlookup.com/html/articles/cms.html
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Developers Wanted

malexandria  05-Jan-2002 01:28  3294 reads  0
Ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing? Well, now's your chance. The Xoops dev team are looking for some talented PHP coders to join our team. If you are interested in signing on. We're not an "open" project at this stage, but anyone interested in joining the team is more than welcome to. Now's your chance. Send email at developer@xoops.org and we'll set you up.


Xoops PM
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*nuke based sites banned?

Sircuri  04-Jan-2002 12:21  4040 reads  0
Postnuke has posted an article about some host providers ban the use of nuke-based websites because of the resources it uses. Is this also the case with Xoops? Does Xoops use lots of resources as well? Article: Host Providers Ban Nuke-based Sites Due to Resource Hogging, Bugs?
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Some Graphics for XOOPS

w4z004  20-Dec-2001 12:16  9791 reads  0

Xoops.org launched!

onokazu  19-Dec-2001 06:40  2985 reads  6
In preparation for the upcoming release of XOOPS RC1, we have launched our official website, Xoops.org. We were looking for a server where we do not need to worry about the traffics we would have, and as you can see, this website is backed with a Sourceforge.net server, therefore we are now finally getting ready for our first release candidate (RC1).

In the mean time, feel free to play around in our website, and register as a user to see more of the new features of our package.
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