Additional info about RC3

onokazu  06-May-2002 00:08  3740 reads  0
- Mail templates

Mail texts sent to users, such as registration confirmation mail, lostpassword mail, send to friend mail can now be customized easily by modifying mail templates by your text editor.

- New Polls module

Polls module has been rewritten completely (except for the comments section). Admins can create polls with multiple selections, expiration time, and custom bar colors. Notification mail will be sent to the poll author when the poll has expired.
Though this module is currently only for site admins, we have plans to extend its feature so that other modules like news, forums can use it as a plug-in.

As I have mentioned in the previous news, RC3 will be initially released as clean install version only. Upgrade script will be provided some more time after the initial release.
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Dutch Support is Back online...

Ritchie  02-May-2002 11:48  3443 reads  0
Hi all.

After some major database problems in the last 3 weeks due to a transfer of sites to another server we are finaly back in bizz.
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PHP Award 2002

Briese  01-May-2002 22:24  3766 reads  0
The PHP Award 2002 is organized by the Association Fran├žaise des Utilisateurs de PHP (AFUP) and the German PHP Association (PHP Verein).
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A World Xoops Links Db...

Alain  28-Apr-2002 16:56  3340 reads  0
Hi Xoops Worldwide Community !!! Xoops France, after the World Xoops Top Sites, has just launched his Xoops's World Links Db.
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RC3 delay

onokazu  27-Apr-2002 18:14  4241 reads  0
Sorry to announce this, but we were unable to have enough testing time this week,
and the release of RC3 will be delayed for a few more days.

Also, we are going to release the clean install version first, accompanied with some docs for the module developers on how to update modules to be compatible with RC3. Though not much, the module codes must be modified a little to work in RC3.
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RC3 change logs

onokazu  22-Apr-2002 13:49  5475 reads  0
Here are some updates from the change logs I have now in my hand.
Sorry for not putting all in details..i'm sure we have made more changes, but the major ones are as listed below.

The new sections module will not appear yet. We have a basic plan already, but not yet actually implemented as php codes. It will probably replace not only the old sections, but hopefully the current web links, downloads, faq, etc modules.

The theme structure has not changed, and will not change in RC3. But this does not mean we will not change it in the future. We do have an idea to use some 3rd party template engines like Smarty.

We may need another 3-4 days for the final testings.
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A World Xoops Top Sites...

Alain  18-Apr-2002 20:19  3512 reads  0
Hi Xoops Webmasters all around the world !!!

Xoops France has just launched a friendly "Xoops powered" sites contest...
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Xoops Webmasters, join the Xoops Web Ring

Alain  15-Apr-2002 19:23  3408 reads  0
Hi there !!
I've just created the Xoops Web Ring to get together all the webmasters of the "Xoops Powered" sites all around the world.
You can register here
I'm waiting for you all...
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onokazu  14-Apr-2002 11:15  4449 reads  0
Just to update you all, we are now getting ready for the next release, which will include numerous bug fixes, database optimization, admin interface enhancements, module install/deletion, etc.

Members have been busy in daily affairs lately, and rarely had time to work on the codes, so the update may be of a little disappointment compared to the length of time we have been silent since the previous rc. But I just wanted to let you know that we are still here, and are going to keep on the enhancement and development of this project.

There is no ETA. All we can say is that it will be released soon. We really appreciate all your support and patience.

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A hack to avoid too many simutaneous opened connections

Alain  12-Apr-2002 10:33  4474 reads  0
Xtremdj, Xoops France co-webmaster, suggests a little hack in your root footer.php file, to avoid too many simultaneous opened connections on the server...
When you don't close the connection, php let it run for a time out defined by mysql for 30 sec.
Imagine: if 10 visitors are surfing on the site at a great speed , one connection is opened per page, if they open 5 pages in 30 sec (not very much indeed) 50 connections are opened!!!!!
Some hosts jam at 30 simultaneous connections and then you get a beautiful "xxxx as already reached max connections ....."

On the other hand, if you close the db, at each page you close the connection: so only 10 simultaneous connections.
To get this result, get the code at
Xoops France Forums

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XOOPS Italian Pack

kain  12-Apr-2002 05:15  4101 reads  0
Finally it's here, the XOOPS CMS in italian language!
Please note, this pack doesn't contains only the translated file for modules, etc. but it is the full xoops package translated in italian.
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Xoops Megapack on Xoops France

Alain  11-Apr-2002 21:41  4288 reads  0
A Megapack Xoops has been released by Anexia for Xoops France...
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Wysiwyg Editor & GroupAccess Functions: Update

Anonymous  03-Apr-2002 19:18  4592 reads  0
Update both the Wysiwyg editor and the GroupAccess functions.

Wysiwyg Editor:
Fixed broken images when using multiple forms
Fixed (br) dedoubling and (p)(br) explanations
Added default display font setting to match site

GroupAccess Functions:
Made explanations in php file easier to understand
Fixed a query bug not working
And another lil thing.. forgot what, lol

You can grab either files from here.

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GroupAccess: Functions

Anonymous  30-Mar-2002 20:19  3441 reads  0
I put together some functions which will let anyone with a bit of php/mysql know-how, hack any xoops module to accept user restrictions based on group levels.
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dlh  27-Mar-2002 16:13  6767 reads  0
Thought all of you PHP developers might be interested in this software called HydraPHP. It appears to be a GUI development environment for PHP.
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