XOOPS Version 1 RC 3.0.5 released

onokazu  26-Sep-2002 14:26  4823 reads   No comments 
RC3.0.5 is released to fix a security vulnerability recently posted on Bugtraq ML.

There was a vunerability when a user previews/submits a news in the News module, HTML tags were allowed to process.


inconnue_team  21-Sep-2002 08:01  3303 reads   No comments 
Sorry for my english
Then here are, that I received the files languages here the 3 blocks (news, downloads & links).
Thanks to w4z004, liya, to the traduction

myBooks myReviews and gsdownloads bugs squashed

eevans  18-Sep-2002 17:01  3745 reads   No comments 
There were a few bugs in these files when I released the versions 1.1. I apologize for this, but that's the nature of software production. Thanks to everyone for your helpful comments. If you donwloaded these files before about 19:00 GMT on 2002.9.18, then these files contained a problem with...

Xoops Powered Hosting

neosurge  17-Sep-2002 18:32  3407 reads   No comments 
Neosurge Advanced Web Hosting Solutions in partnership with ViPixel.com, Ivory-Tower.net, portalzine.de and probannerads.com, has emerged as a new choice in web hosting.

myBooks v. 0.3.0

eevans  12-Sep-2002 20:04  3507 reads   No comments 
I am continuing to develop the myBooks module. It is currently a work in progress with some of the features not fully implemented.

Enhanced Block System Explained

onokazu  10-Sep-2002 10:28  5430 reads   No comments 
In the next release, we will be implementing an enhanced block system so as to take full advantage of powerful Smarty functions.

In the new block system, you can:

Russian Official Support Site

w4z004  09-Sep-2002 01:36  4419 reads   No comments 
A new official support site has been added.

Resized Image

Xoops Need People for the Sub-teams Creation

w4z004  08-Sep-2002 19:35  5944 reads   60 Comment(s) 
Well , first, sorry for me bad english.

If you would like to be added to Xoops Sub-teams post a reply to this article.

We are looking:

Korean Language Pack for Xoops RC3

onokazu  08-Sep-2002 14:56  6569 reads   4 Comment(s) 
Korean language pack for XOOPS v1 RC3 has been added to our localization page for download. Thanks to the webmaster of http://webkim.co.kr/ for providing us the translation.

StoryLine v1.5

IO  02-Sep-2002 11:14  5502 reads   14 Comment(s) 
Interactive story / fan fiction archive. Including rating, reviews, add-to-story, categories and more.

d e m o

d o w n l o a d

phpBb2 to XoopsBB Converter

w4z004  18-Aug-2002 00:17  9740 reads   5 Comment(s) 
Well a user are sended a script for test!
Is a pbpbb2 to xoopsbb converter.

Be carrefull and please comment the results.

Friend Finder 2.81 Bug Fix Released

Neon  16-Aug-2002 21:56  4931 reads   No comments 
They are coming thick and fast at the moment, another module update, this version release Friend Finder 2.81 had a bug in the search feature fixed and a hack to incororate Friend Finder into the Waiting Contents block to make it easier for Admins to see when there has been a submission.

Cool New RSS feed for Amazon Books

zack  03-Aug-2002 07:11  4982 reads   No comments 
Head on over to this site to get information on how to get books about a certain topic as a RSS feed (Headlines Module).

The results of your "keyword" will be displayed as items in your headlines module. Very cool.

Edit your signature!

onokazu  30-Jul-2002 01:27  4043 reads   No comments 
Just to let you all know that HTML tags are now completely disabled in your signature field, but instead you can use xoopscodes and smileys! Please edit your signature if you have been using HTML tags.

Artist xpack

Art  22-Jul-2002 21:47  4010 reads   3 Comment(s) 
Module Name: Artist xPack
Brief Description: 5 Modules Xml_Editor, Painting, Popup Creator, Chinese Zodiac ( based in flash application from flashkit.com)
Info Virus from antivirus.com.
Version: 1.02
Works with Xoops version(s): RC3
Demo link: None
Download link: Here
Module Author:...
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