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I will show you in this tutorial how to install a Chat for XOOPS.

Oh, I hear you here saying : "Oh no, yet another poorly designed and not user friendly chat !"

False!!! Here you can see the beautiful and friendly users interface:


Yes, this is not an ordinary chat module - I'm talking about a chat that will allow you to:

  • Use a webcam / micro  Webcam
  • Use smileys smileys
  • Send flash emotions
  • Send sounds
  • Integrates Youtube
  • Send images
  • Use predefined messages
  • Change background and skin... Custom
  • Include your avatar avatar
  • Change the font and text color...
  • Draw
  • Send "virtual gifts" cadeaux
  • and many other things

In addition, within the chat rooms, you could manage : 
- number of chat rooms
- access (by password)
- the maximum number of chatters in a chat room
- moderators
- various options (webcam, sound, virtual gifts...)
- and many other things

Let me share with you my experience with this Chat system:

- Level : experienced user (but doesn't need to be an expert)
- Requirements: A Linux-based Web server like Virtual Private Server or dedicated servers for example. (It's also possible to use a 123flashchat server)
- Constraints: free version allows only for 10 chatteurs at same time

If you would like to see a demo, please go to here and choose a chat room !

STEP 1 : Installation of 123flashchat on your server

Requirements: http://www.123flashchat.com/docs/v95/Server-Requirement

Download Linux version from http://www.123flashchat.com/download.html

Follow the installation procedure (very easy) here : http://www.123flashchat.com/docs/v95/For-Linux-User

STEP 2 : 123flashchat Configuration

Now, you can show the Chat here:http://mysite.fr:35555

Admin management will be here:http://mysite.fr:35555/admin-panel.html

Login management (Single sign-on) :

in fact, we could used the login/password table from XOOPS to use 123flashchat. We don't need to create another different login. You can use following data:

- Parameter system
- Integration Group 

- Database Host: localhost 
- Database Name: name of  the XOOPS DB
- Database User: name of  the XOOPS DB user 
- Database password: password of  the XOOPS DB
- database user table: xxx_users 
- Username Field : uname 
- password field: pass 
- Enable MD5: YES

STEP 3a : Interaction with XOOPS

Now, we could integrate this chat with XOOPS

Download :


Follow installation procedure in the zip file (readme.txt)

- In the directory flashchatconf, Add an index.html file (just like another index.html file in XOOPS structure)

- On flashchatconf, Edit config.php:  $running_mode=1; (your own server)

- On flashchatconf, edit config_local.php : 
-- $chat_client_root_path = "http://mysite.fr:35555/123flashchat.html"; 
-- $chat_data_path = "/opt/123FlashChat9.6/server/data/default/";
-- $primary_server_port = 35555;

- Modify the chatwinsize.php file at line 53:

echo 'Go Chat !';


STEP 3b : Interaction with XOOPS (Block)

Create a custom block, and add: 

include XOOPS_ROOT_PATH . '/flashchatconf/config.php';
include XOOPS_ROOT_PATH . '/functions_chat.php';
include XOOPS_ROOT_PATH . '/chatwinsize.php';

Save in php mode.

Inside the block you will find: number of chat rooms, number of connected chatters, and their names

STEP 4 : Enjoy it !

Finally :

Sure, this is a very high level tutorial, but it's easy, just take some time to install and configure.

If you have questions, please contact me directly, or post them in this forum thread.

Append : 

- Admin : chat rooms type management


- Front office : http://www.123flashchat.com/docs/v95/View-Manual

- Chat Rooms managment  : http://www.123flashchat.com/docs/v95/Room-Settings-Manual

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