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The team is proud to present its brand new xoops tutorials via a specific module!

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For many months, we (The team) has included in our roadmap an element that was important to us:

The posting of a Tutorial covering all the XOOPS universes, whether:

- The XOOPS core,
- Modules,
- Themes,
- Development,
- Useful tools.

Long pages of information are tedious to read and you get confused.
We had ideas for tutorials, easier to read, to consult, but we needed a tool for its management, to manage the tutorials and their associated pages.

Greg was therefore responsible for creating a module exclusively dedicated to the management of tutorials.
As soon as we realized, we produced 2 tutorials and there is no doubt that within a few weeks, the number of available tutorials will grow rapidly.

We therefore invite you to consult these tutorials!

Here are the very first ones:

XOOPS Category: Configure XOOPS captcha (Normal Level)

Theme Category: Choose a preinstalled theme (Beginner Level)

Do you want to access the tutorials page? Good visit !

NB :
For now the tutorials are only in French
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  • Just can't stay away

 Re: Tutorials on

hi looks very interesting. do you plan to provide it in other languages (english) too?

  • Just can't stay away

 Re: Tutorials on


do you plan to provide it in other languages (english) too?

Yes !
On, we have installed and activated xlanguage (fr / en) and yet traduced lot of blocs, slider, and other parts of the site. (Just visible for admin for the moment)
We have not translated the articles.

But , yes , we plan to provide the turoiels for english readers too !

We just need someone who could translate the tutorials properly.
My english is too poor to make it myself.

So if someone could translate the pages, we could propose tutorials in english.
Just the text.
I'm here for the design and cosmectic details.

so if you are interested in translating the tutorials into English, you can contact us here: ... ndex.php?op=form&cat_id=2