Post your feature requests for the newBB
  • 2003/11/23 14:16

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We want to collect every feature request only for the newBB to have an Overview what is needed.

So please help us by posting your requests for the "new" newBB in this Thread and please only for the newBB .

Thx in advance

Re: Post your feature requests for the newBB
  • 2003/11/23 14:35

  • Shine

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This question has been asked -several times- earlier. A quick search resulted in threads as handed below. (I am sure there are more....)
A lot of NewBB input has been given. I suggest you take a look within those topics. This will give you a good impression of the wishes and feature requests.

https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... 01&forum=4#forumpost28401

https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... 81&forum=4#forumpost48419

https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... 8&forum=23#forumpost55824

Grtz., Shine

Re: Post your feature requests for the newBB
  • 2003/11/23 15:16

  • Anonymous

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Ah thx, missed that first and second link just remember the last one and this was badly arranged, this was the reason for starting this Thread, guess the informations up there are enough .

Re: Post your feature requests for the newBB

I don't know if anyone's addressed this yet, but the forum admin for editing and creating private forums is currently a pain in the butt for me.

I create alot of private boards and right now if I want to add people to be able to post on any private board I have to manually go back and forth several times to add people that have not only access to each private board but to grant them posting rights.

It would be simpler if everything was on one page for the private boards, where you could just pick from a menu which people can post on each board instead of having to go back and forth from the forum admin to the private forums admin all the time for each different forum.

Re: Post your feature requests for the newBB
  • 2003/11/23 17:35

  • Per4orm

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If this has already been addressed, then accept my apologies:

The one thing I would like to see next is a "pruning" option. IE: It would be nice to be able to have an option in the admin interface to automatically delete all threads that haven't had a post with "x" number of days. It just saves a little time as opposed to moderating this manually.

Re: Post your feature requests for the newBB
  • 2003/11/23 18:30

  • Anonymous

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Moderation queues on posting and registration - check new posts before they become publicly viewable and new registrants before they can post.

User email notification of answered posts

Templates - Administrators can edit the design of their board by using the comprehensive templates system like vB.
Better user profiles, see vB (editable by user)

Unlimited number of moderators per forum

Mark all forums read.

User profile and info icons in posts. See http://politicsforum.com

A real PM system. See vB/IPB or one of the free PM systems available.

A real profile feature rich with options. One browse of the vB user cp should make the point.

Show last post title in forum on index page just above the last poster's name.

A far better default template, perhaps a few nice ones.

Fix the glossary images at the bottom so they are not one under another wasting space and looking out of place. make them on the same line, next to each other.

Separate archiveing system for forum.

Link to admin at bottom of forum and link to mod cp as well and link to archive.

PM Ignore list. allow users to place other users on ignore list and users on ignore list should not be able to see the profile, posts or even contact the other user who put him on ignore list.

User on ignor list should not be able to reply/post in a thread started by a person on whos ingnore list he/she is.

More admin features. See vB3 admin. maintenace features, pruning features, comprehensive user search features, email individual users ability and by group etc.

Import script to import from other BBs like vB3, IPB, and phpBB

There are more but I get the feeling I am wasting my time as it is.

Re: Post your feature requests for the newBB
  • 2003/11/23 18:50

  • dirch

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I thought, last futura would list here for newbb and not for general functions of XOOPS

Re: Post your feature requests for the newBB
  • 2003/11/23 19:07

  • feral1

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First I'd like to say I think newbb is a great board. Kudos and thanks to the developers.

A few things which I think could be improved, in no special order of importance...

First. I don't think the threading arrangements are as clear as they could be. It's not really obvious to many people when they click 'reply' exactly what they're replying to.

Maybe there could be an option so the initial post in a thread could have a separate 'reply' button, so one could label the intiial reply button something like 'reply to this thread' and other buttons 'reply to this comment'.

Second. I'd like to have a forum in which some sections are open to the public and others are open only to specific groups. I'd like matching search arrangements (that is, guests, when searching, wouldn't see references to material in forums they can't access).

Third, I'd like to be able to make more than one instance of newbb on the site (I gather this may be a standard feature in future XOOPS core modules?)

I'd also like a better PM system, which kept records of old incoming and outgoing correspondence unless the user requests material is deleted (this is perhaps not specifcally a forum issue?)

Finally, I found that pasting MS word documents into a post crashes the program pccasionally (OK, that's a bug fix I guess, but I mention it for the sake of completeness).

What I like a lot about newbb are its speed, integration with XOOPS as a whole, superb notifications system - please keep up the great work, it is appreciated!

Re: Post your feature requests for the newBB

I would like it if there was an option to hide forums from people who do not have access to them.

Also, I would like it if the "comments" for a News story were actually stored as a NewBB thread.

Re: Post your feature requests for the newBB
  • 2003/11/23 19:41

  • chrisz

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There is one thing that would make newBB perfect for my site -- the ability to create subcategories.

Here's an example:
(Category)Industrial Automation
(Sub-Category) Programmable Logic Controllers
(Forum) Allen-Bradley
(Forum) Automation-Direct
(Sub-Category) Sensors
(Forum) Proximity Sensors
(Sub-Forum) Capacitive
(Sub-Forum) Inductive
(Forum) Photoelectric Sensors


I'd also like to see the ability to enable or disable posting in each category/forum. Invision limits you in this aspect. I would like to allow or disallow posting under "Sensors" for example.

I'm not sure is newBB allows for this or not, but if it's possible, it would be nice to allow or disallow for file attachments in each forum as well.

Keep up the great work with Xoops!

Thank you,
Christopher Zeman



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