Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/6 22:06

  • Catzwolf

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Probably the second most important area of Xoops, is the continuation of creating, upgrading and bug fixing your beloved modules.

The module development Team is committed to this. But, we of course still need your positive feed back and wishes.

I would like to continue Herko's discussion on the roadmap by extending this to module (Note I said modules, not core, themes or the weather today ).

The main area's we would like to cover are the following:

1. Bug fixes in current modules
2. Updates & Upgrades to current modules
3. New module idea's Wish list
4. Non XOOPS Module and Script conversations.

We will strive to make the changes that you ask for, but remember; only so much can be done at once.


Module Development Team

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap

Bring it OOOOONNNN!!!

/me goes back to his corner before Catz slaps him

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/6 22:18

  • Catzwolf

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Module Developers need not apply!

And just you dare Draven!

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/6 23:02

  • Draven

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Catzwolf wrote:
And just you dare Draven!

Resized Image

I'd just like to sayResized Image

Resized Image

EDIT (Catz): Can we ban him now? Class, shear class!

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap

Maybe we should just add (for clarity) that the modules, we'll look at first is the former "Core Modules", namely:

Contact Us

So let's get some recaps as well as novel ideas as to how these modules can become even better.

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/7 3:36

  • gruessle

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News - needs ability to upload pictures like in Tutorials (When user submits news).

Polls - users should be able to request polls

Contact Us - When posting anonymous there should be a check if they entered an email address.

Newbb - Should receive a category and subcategories of forums. Something like in Links or Yahoo Forums

Please don't hang me - these are just suggestions

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/7 4:38

  • setaside

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News & WF-Sections - I'd love to see blocks where we could display the last X news/articles per category with or without a brief description. So, you could have a block for each news category you have or a block for each wf-sections category. So I assume that this would involve either the ability to clone the blocks for however many categories you want to display or just 1 really large block that would display the X news/articles from each selected category seperately.

Contact Us - When someone submits a message their email address shows up inside the message and not in the email field. When I go to reply to it, it displays my site's email address in the email field and I'd like it to display that of the user's so I can just quickly reply to them without having to type it in manually. (I'm lazy)

Newbb - The ability to have polls inside forum threads.

I'd also really like to see a membership/billing modules with the ability to support various payment gateways.. (ie. PayPal, Paysystems, 2Checkout, PSIGate, Authorize.Net, etc.)

Maybe a quiz/questionaire module...

Some people on my site have also requested a dating service system (I know FriendFinder exists but I recall it having a lot of bugs).. Maybe something where you can have like a Matchmaker thing based on user-defined questions and it would compare them based on the percent of matching answers..?

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/7 4:46

  • mariuss

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- branching of threads (applies to comments as well)
- add notification that sends the whole message
- integration with mailing lists and newsgroups

- polls for specific groups (only a group can vote and/see the results)
- add option for 'Other' type of reply that has an input field

Site wide:
- karma points for postings
- filter postings based on karma level
- users can mark other users as friends or anti-friends (for the lack of a better word)
- integration of forums and comments (they both are threaded discussions) such that threads can be moved accross
- news letter with latest news, forum postings, comments, registered users etc (this is the single most important feature to attract traffic to your site in my opinion)
- each module should have an 'rss' folder/function wich gives the list of rss feeds for that module
- all rss feeds should be aggregated on a "Wath's Up" page/module
- generic way to add attachments (and images) to every posting (the existing image manager is good for site wide images but not for posting specific images)

That is it for now, I am sure I will come up with more though


Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/7 6:46

  • Big_Bro

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The news topic categories as mentioned above is important I believe, allowing the ability to display two columns of your news topics with the last x number of stories posted for each.

A block similar to my right block at http://www.newshax.com which allows you to specify and display a chosen number of news items by number and add the first xx characters of the headline or let you change the headline altogether, and allow you to upload an automatically resized thumbnail image. I manually update that block myself now but it would be a good one.

An improved spotlight block with working choices as to the story you can post, (most popular for day, most recent, by story number) and no mandatory graphics etc.

Any other content display oriented modules that anyone can think of are most welcome and needed, regardless of how simple or complex. Giving us tools and choices for better, more organized and more cohesive content display is highly important in my opinion, as the ultimate goal of installing and running XOOPS is an organized and functional content display to the end user. I think it's very important to keep a strong focus on that important aspect of a CMS.

Fixes to the myriad of semi-functional but useable modules out there whose developers have abandoned them, most just need simple fixes I have observed.

A master list to catalog EVERY known working module and what they can do plus user ratings, and each with their own screenshots if possible. It's often hard for someone new to know what is possible when you have to go here and there and by word of mouth to track down available modules, and then because of language barriers or poor descriptions it's often hard to figure out exactly what they do, or potentially can do.

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/7 9:28

  • lubdub

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There are popular hacks that should be looked at. For my own selfish pleasure, I'd like to have:
- more code shared between newbb and comments system
- nested view in newbb
- default behaviour: Group access to forums and private forums, user-wise access being an exception
- ability to move, duplicate and delete posts individually or with branches
- ability to delete a post without deleting children

Best regards,


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