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Posted on: 2012/7/8 14:23
sixpack (Show more)
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Install xoops 2.6

Hello all,

I will try the xoops 2,6 but i have a blank page juste is the end of the installation : page_config.php.

Do you have an idea ?
After the blank page is i want to go to preference same problem blank page.
Same problem with all page preference .

Thanks in advance for your help



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Posted on: 2012/11/24 16:33
chaoos (Show more)
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Re: Install xoops 2.6

During installation version 2.6.0 Alpha 1 I used Slovak translation from Transifex, installed modules Profile, PM and Banners and extension Protector. After installation is complete I also show only blankscreen.

So I installed the 2.6.0 version again.

Installation in the original English, I did not install any module or extension.
Installation was fine.

In administration I installed the module Banners, and after the installation is displayed only Blankscreen. After disabling this module was all right again.

In administration I set in General Settings Slovak language from Transifex ... and again there is a problem. Page worked at 30%, many common links such as edit profile and others display the Blankscreen (mainly Administration did not work either).
When I manually via phpMyAdmin rewrote the language back to English, the problem stopped.

PHP: 5.3.13
MySQL: 5.1.63
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Posted on: 3/30 12:06
TheNineHertz (Show more)
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Re: Install xoops 2.6

yes i have same problem to install Install xoops 2.6.


Posted on: 3/31 1:13
Mamba (Show more)
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Re: Install xoops 2.6

What kind of problems do you have?

Did you use the code from GitHub?
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