Re: force changing password after importing user ?

A quick and dirty solution would be to change this line:


The 'pass' column will not correspond to any possible password, so the only way to log in will be going through the forgot password logic to reset it.

Re: I have an error in the profile module when I close session and user registration

No, it isn't really OK.

To use XoopsCore25 2.5.11-Beta2 you need to take the complete latest master branch from https://github.com/XOOPS/XoopsCore25

You have a newer version of htdocs/modules/profile while the rest of htdocs is older. You should find xoops_setcookie() used nearly everywhere, as setcookie() is avoided in core except in very limited cases and in the implementation of xoops_setcookie() in htdocs/include/xoopssetcookie.php included by htdocs/include/common.php

This is a very important change for compatibility with newer PHP versions and evolving web standards.

See: https://github.com/XOOPS/XoopsCore25/pull/1026 for details on this new function and the reasons for it

Re: Question About Unicode In PHP 5.3 to 5.6+

This is odd, because the problems switching to PHP 5.6 are usually solved by making sure the PHP configuration specifies
default_charset "utf-8"

You mentioned you just see question marks. Are those question marks or unicode replacement characters - question marks in diamonds?

What is the define for _CHARSET in language/*/global.php ?

Πρέπει να λειτουργεί;

Re: xswatch5 and theme_autorun.php


alain01 wrote:
I missed something ?

I missed it, too! Sorry.

A table in XoopsLoad needed to be updated with the new name. Fix is in the pipeline.

Re: Default templates vs Bootstrap 3, 4 and 5 Templates during module installation

I agree with Mamba.

There is no way to know for sure what a theme is using. Even if the bootstrap js files are present in some directory, that doesn't mean that is what it is loading. Best we could ever do is guess, and that sort of decision needs to be made by the site owner, not some buggy algorithm.

Two other points, the module install and updates are NOT interactive. Both are a single function call that either works or fails. Many things depend on this behavior, and it won't be changing. Also, the themes directory is NOT required to be writable by the web server. This is a very good thing for security. On a well secured XOOPS, you won't be able to copy the files without some extra effort.

This sounds more like education and standardization needs, not a code change.

Re: user and group maintenance help

The table you want is groups_users_link

I would suggest
DELETE FROM groups_users_link WHERE uid uid-to-remove

followed by
INSERT INTO groups_users_link(groupiduidVALUES ([special-group-id],[uid-to-remove])

Re: Error in the themes, xbootstrap and xswatch?

This inconsistency was first introduced by xBootstrap in XOOPS 2.5.7

While it seems wrong in some ways, the focus was moving away from the big desktop, to the little mobile screen. Along with that, xbootstrap introduced a jumbotron and a slider, both taking over room and function at the top of the page. To keep the contents somewhere within a short distance of the top of the page (especially for mobile devices) something had to give.

While I can see why is seems wrong in a sense, it is also something we've been applying productively since 2014. I'm relatively sure more could break than would be fixed if it changed. It really is quite functional as is.

Re: bbcode and url

Nothing new, here. This has been that way for a long time.

The url xoopscode tag expects a fully qualified URL. Partials lead to security exposures very quickly. There is no one size fits all way to resolve scheme-less URLs. XOOPS can for example work fine in a directory under a domain.

There is a siteurl tag which always prepends the full XOOPS_URL with a trailing slash. That is useful when transferring content between a prototype and a production system without changes.

Re: Many users admin->users timing out, mysql pegged at 100% CPU

That is great news!

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, and reporting your results.

Since you reported this, I've observed several sites where the problem queries are taking quite a bit of resource to complete. None are extreme enough to grind to a halt, but obviously they are using way too much. Eventually, left unchanged, I'm sure they will run out of something and start failing. Xoops.org is one of those, and mamba does a good job of keeping us honest with the "eat our own dogfood" strategy -- most of the time, especially near releases, we are running the newest code from the head once it has passed local testing.

Next step, I'll use that 2.5.4 system I started up to test the upgrade for 2.5.11. Waste not, want not as my mother used to say.

Thanks again.

Re: Many users admin->users timing out, mysql pegged at 100% CPU

I played with the users page and SQL in the member handler to try and lower the MySQL load with some success. I tracked down XOOPS 2.5.4 and spun up a docker environment it could run on and backported the patches. There are two changed files. I've put them on GitHub so you can download them:

Patch for XOOPS 2.5.4 part 1 - htdocs/kernel/member.php

Patch for XOOPS 2.5.4 part 2 - htdocs/modules/system/admin/users/main.php

Please five them a try -- they should drop the load significantly.

"groups_users_link" dead entries. Problem?, how remove?

Here is a query that can do the cleanup.
DELETE FROM `xxxx_groups_users_linkWHERE `uidNOT IN (SELECT `uidfrom `xxxx_users`);

Replace the xxxx with your prefix.

I would recommend against the index on user_regdate now. The changes in admin/users/main.php should achieve the goal without that.

Give it a try, and let us know how it goes. Good Luck!

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