Re: News bug and a typo
  • 2003/1/15 23:02

  • Strider

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I think that's a great feature, but I think it should be toggleable, perhaps by the user in their account preferences.

However, when a user is logged out, I don't think it should show them in the Who's online block.

Re: News bug and a typo
  • 2003/1/16 5:46

  • w4z004

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the who is online take time for upgrade the info, think that can't upgrade all time because this generate more database access.
But the who is online need more testings.

Re: News bug and a typo
  • 2003/1/16 6:19

  • RicoCali

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w4z004 wrote:
okey fixed now!

You are funny Sergio. I just hope no one ask to have their butt wiped for them.

Re: News bug and a typo
  • 2003/1/17 1:12

  • Strider

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The session timeout setting doesn't seem to work...as I said before, I set it to 2 weeks, yet, even with the browser left open, I get logged out in an hour or so, unless I keep working with the window.

If the user wants less database access, couldn't that be controlled from the cache system used in xoops2? That's the reason for having the cache system implemented, and from what I've seen of it, it works good. Right now I'm trying to figure out the best way to implement it to reduce server load and load time the most for my site.

I haven't tried downloading cvs since it was down, so I don't know if any of these issues are resolved yet...or if it's even back up yet.

Re: News bug and a typo
  • 2003/1/18 18:07

  • Herko

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The CVS is back up and I'm currently looking into the 'disable HTML' bug


Re: News bug and a typo
  • 2003/1/22 11:31

  • vladimir

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hi, i back to the session problem, i test the default session time out and later change ir just at middle but still not working, if i leave the browser open, can back several ours later and my user is still leged. any idea?
i test it under mozilla and ie6 sp1

Re: News bug and a typo
  • 2003/11/2 15:47

  • Diva

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If you go to www.she-net.com (a site that I administer for a friend), you'll notice that none of the users can stay logged in for more than a few minutes, unless you keep the window open and active.

I had fixed this before but don't remember how (I think it was a hack), but when I upgraded to 2.0.5 it started doing this again, and I can't find the hack.

I've changed the administration settings to stay logged in for ages, and everyone has selected keep the cookie for a year, but everyone, including the Mac users, are still getting logged out regularly.

Re: News bug and a typo
  • 2003/11/2 21:41

  • svaha

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I tried to visit your site a few times and got error messages (can't connect to database) before I succeeded.
Now, I have the same problems. Sometimes when I want to post something, I have to type real fast (without thinking) because otherwise I'm allready thrown out and have no rights to post. So I must type in the post again...haha
I have not yet found out what exactly is the problem, because it happens not on a regular base. So, maybe it could have something to do with time outs of XOOPS accessing the database?



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