Re: [design] The design framework
  • 2006/1/7 18:06

  • phppp

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Mamba wrote:

I'm much more a fan of navigation like they do at Digital Web. The main navigation is part of the header, while the section navigation is the top-left block. This is friendly and still easy to navigate. As you can see in my own wireframe, this is the navigation I propose.

But the problem is that you have to make extra clicks to get to the section. With dropdown menus I need only to move the mouse above it to see what's inside. Much faster for the user and less traffic for the network.

Dropdown menu needs to pre-load menu items and the "Digital Web" type of menu loads items only when clicking.

For a site with high volume or a site with large number of menu items, I would prefer the "Digital Web" style.

Re: [design] The design framework
  • 2006/1/7 18:20

  • Mamba

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StudioC: Your design looks very nice, but the logo should be on "one" background color to protect its integrity. Something like:
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Re: [design] The design framework
  • 2006/1/7 18:27

  • alitan

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ok, for the people who can't view my idea, heres an online screenshot (viewable by internet explorer):
Resized Image
My Persian Xoops Project:

Re: [design] The design framework
  • 2006/1/7 19:22

  • Will_H

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@alitan I like the idea of using a toggler on the right block.

@studioC - D.A.M.N nice!

Re: [design] The design framework
  • 2006/1/7 19:35

  • Magicfinger

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Thats an excellent design StudioC clean, fresh and easy to understand :)

Re: [design] The design framework
  • 2006/1/7 23:06

  • studioC

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Here is another idea i played with for xoops. org

Resized Image

more details and bigger example again :xoopsfactory

Re: [design] The design framework
  • 2006/1/7 23:12

  • gestroud

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Resized Image Resized Image

That looks NICE! especially adding the people.

Re: [design] The design framework
  • 2006/1/7 23:33

  • Mamba

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studioC wrote:
Here is another idea i played with for xoops. org

I like the banner area better (with one background color).

I like adding the people (it makes it more personal)!

But I would avoid playing with the logo. Maybe we could have a separate discussion if we need to make any changes to the logo, but for now I would set the logo "off limits", as per Herko's original message. It will also make easier to compare one design to the other because we'll be dealing with the same logo.

Also, I think I like more the first design without the additional colors. It make it look more consistent.

What could be better is to introduce variation to the color of the logo, while keep it consistent. I like what Alitan did:
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Re: [design] The design framework
  • 2006/1/8 3:00

  • snow77

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I like alot StudioC's first proposal in blue tones. The horizontal top tabs are real nice. I'd suggest having the tabs over the blue background so they stand out more, and well the lower half of the logo isn't showing that well. I like alothttp://devteam.xoops.org/ background and width of the theme. It would be nice for the theme not to be totally 100%. Maybe adding a bit stronger color to to the block titles. It's a real nice start off.

Re: [design] The design framework
  • 2006/1/8 3:19

  • m0nty

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I am not so sure a fixed width would be good for the community portal and if it were fixed width would it be better a fixed width for people that view at 800px resolution or for people that view at 1024 resolution?, I don't know if it is because it currently gives the impression of being cluttered up that it gives the sensation that it needs more breathing space everywhere. For community portal I think a 90% width is good and for the product portal a fixed width.

definitely not fixed width for the xoops.org site, and if it is fixed width then either optimize for 1024 res or if optimize for 800 width get rid of the right column..

3 columns on a fixed width theme at 800px looks totally terrible with everything squashed up in the centre columns. you have to really go minimum 1024 on fixed width 3 columns for it to look even remotely presentable. that's my opinion anyway.

and the left column?? does it need to be dynamic width? like it is on the site now? i'd say fixed at 150px would be fine.. there's a lot of wasted space in the left column at the moment which would be better used by increased centre content :)


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