News problem
  • 2004/9/16 7:19

  • jester

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I'm having some permission problems with the recent update for news. For some reason, anonymous visitors can't read the whole article (the portion you see after you click "read more"). Whenever I try to set the permissions so that they can read everything, I just get a page that has nothing but a back link.. no sort of "database updated" or anything. Any tips for how to fix this?

Re: News problem

News Module version?

Re: News problem
  • 2004/9/16 19:32

  • jester

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Oh... sorry. My news version is 1.21 and my XOOPS version is 2.07.3

Re: News problem


Im also having a problem with the News 1.2.1 module too. Since I upgraded to of Xoops, I can't seem to get the news/submit.php file to display the theme at all. It submits news fine, but doesn't display the theme.

Any clues to what might be causing the hiccup? And yes I did the debugging, and it doesn't allow the debugging to work... just loads the forms and what not. You can see it in action on my site.

Re: News problem
  • 2004/9/16 20:37

  • hervet

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Please verify the value of the module's option "Restrict Topics on Index Page?"


Re: News problem
  • 2004/9/16 22:16

  • jester

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I have it set to "no".

Re: News problem
  • 2004/9/17 3:31

  • Chappy

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Maybe check out this link. I had some similar problems, though not exactly like the ones you are reporting. I do know that there's something related to the the templates that seems to make this module update bend over and cough. I fought with this several hours last night, especially trying to isolate what seems to work, what didn't and in what order. Ultimately, I got it working by Quote:
In order to get the aricles to show I had to do all these steps (which of them actually does the trick, I do not know): Clone the default template, rename it, set the prefs to the new template name, delete the news templates, update the module, then generate the new news templates.

That is roughly the order in which I did the steps.

I hope that this helps. For my part, I went throught that process a bunch of times. The problem I had, though, was that articles created after installation of this upgrade just didn't show. So, this may have absolutely no relevance whatsoever. I hope you get it working. You have a nice site.

Re: News problem

The other gotcha is the permissions. Each section has it's own Submit button. Isn't obvious and if you don't do each section you won't have enough privs as you think you've set.


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