Re: Mastop Publish WYSIWYG Editor IE 6 Incompatibilities

You're right, the theme and CSS can definitely affect the Mastop editor, but I don't think that is the case here.

Curious, is there anyone out there running the Mastop Publish module on a computer running Windows 2000, or maybe NT? I wonder if anyone else can confirm the problem of putting in links in IE 6 on that particular OS. I think it has to be a javascript version that NT/2000 has.

Re: Mastop Publish WYSIWYG Editor IE 6 Incompatibilities

Wow, this got off topic real quick ;-P

Re: Mastop Publish WYSIWYG Editor IE 6 Incompatibilities

Update: The problem isn't related to IE6 afterall. I think it's OS related.

I did find out that it only has the problem on computers running Windows 2000. IE6 on XP works fine. So I expect that javascript is either turned off or maybe that particular version of javascript doesn't like the link editor.

So it's not really a solution....but at least it's more information.

Re: Mastop Publish WYSIWYG Editor IE 6 Incompatibilities



Mastop Publish WYSIWYG Editor IE 6 Incompatibilities

I have been using the Mastop Publish content editing module a lot lately, and I have to say that it is an AWESOME moredul. But I have found that there are several functions that do not seem to work in the WYSIWYG editor in older browsers, particularly IE 6. Mainly links don't work, for example. You can highlight a word, click the link button, a window pops up and you type in an address, but when you get back to the editor, no link is there.

I've run into this problem with two different clients, running on two different servers. These things work perfect in Firefox or IE 7, but many of our clients are in an educational or corporate environment still running IE 6, and they can't upgrade or install another browser.

Also, I have seen that lists and blockquotes don't seem to function right on one of my sites, but I am guessing that is a problem with a conflict with my CSS because that doesn't work in Firefox either...

I am pretty sure that TinyMCE is compatible with IE 6, so I guess the link problem is specific to Mastop somehow. Has anyone else ran into this problem or have any idea how to fix them? I would be more than happy to pay someone well to fix the browser incompatibilities in Mastop Publish 1.1.


Re: design team thread 19th june


Is there any plans to create a template for the register.php page? There have been many cases in which I needed to customize some things on that page, and without a template, I have to dig through PHP - yuk

As a side note, it would be nice if you could easily add/customize fields that were asked for on the register page...but perhaps that issue is best for another thread...

Also, I'm pretty keen on W3C compliance...I've rewrote many XOOPS module blocks to validate for our sites... any way I can help?

Re: image manager - Could not get uploaded file 0

PHP.INI isn't a XOOPS file, it's a system file on your webserver. If you don't have root access to your server, you may need to contact your server administrator. Good Luck!

Re: CBB 3.04 Full Text


Thanks for posting that. The only bad thing is, I think that option is left turned off for a reason. Apparently there isn't a group permission check when sending out that notification, so users can subscribe to forums that they don't have permission to view, I believe.

Re: CSS100 [Holy Grail CSS Wireframe Theme]

Thanks Chappy, I think the skidoo2 and a fixed version download links are somewhere earlier in this thread, if you still need them.

Also, if anyone is interested in porting some themes to XOOPS, this site is a good place to start. Many of them are already designed for a CMS, they are compliant and most look pretty darn good - they just need to be XOOPSified:


Re: SSL problems

I've seen this same behavior before as well, but I don't know how to fix it :(

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