Re: Making A Perfect Xoops Blank Module template for All users

I like this idea.
Jorge Barrero

Re: Status update

We have a saying in Spanish (no idea if English)

"el que mucho abarca poco aprieta"

This stands for:

If you try o grab a big lot, probably you will squeeze very little.

NOTE: (this is the worst translation ever)

I have been working a lot trying to define the scope of our job. Specially because I am workin also in th smoketests.

I found two things.

We can work on the past (things already done)

We can work on the future (Recomendations for things to come)

No sense to evaluate modules that at glance, would not pass our very nice standards.
None have a good readme, non are easy to use (like the system itsef), none are good enough to meet our dreams of what a module should be.

I think our group shoul concentrate on future issues, learning from the past but not trying to correct or even evaluate. (That is left to other teams).

We need to set up our goal in somthing like "The XOOPS User Standard Interfase". That is an Ideal standard but we have to set some core rules (like jens readmes sugestions).

We can present the interfases as "examples" to the cores team and look for their feedback. Alsa we can present the excel spreadsheets as "examples" of our concerns.

If the core team consider that our effort goes in a good direction, then we can "make a full fetured effort".

I saw something about great Ideas for version 3. We shoul point to have the XOOPS standard interfece gidelines working poiinting there.

I aggree with all the points that Daddytsu is considering. Count on me. Just want to make sure we are pointing on the same direction.

What do you think?

Re: Action Item #1 : let's start !

I have many comments on this smoketest. I am traying to produce a full fetuared document pointing to:

Keep simplicity
Join the previuos discussed issues
(Readme info by Jen, Consistency in language usage, ad the way to evaluate)

I tried to do the first run of this smoketest But I realized about:

1. Where do I put info about where I am running the test.

2. How Ho I Qualify one aspect (lets say D1 that has three issues)

3. I imagine I can run a test as others will, then we should compare. I imagin is a good idea to consolidate several evaluations & avarage.

4. I would separate the "formal" evaluation. That means all that cannot be appreciated by the common standard user (we have to define what is that, and is not exactly a newbe).

5. I have experienced the fact not even knoing easily what the module is for. A clear description (let say in the readme would help, and should be considered)

6. General impression, Consistency & look and feel should also be added).

My next step is testing a module with this tool and give some feedback

Jorge Barrero

Re: Action Item #4 - rolling the ball

I have turned on the notification system on to this forum and choosed the "email" option.

This means every time any one enters on this forum I receive an e-mail notification. I click and go directy to the forum. Not exactly chat, but it works.

I use Messenger, we could try that because it announces when two people are conected.

We can stablish a chat session once a week on a fixed time basis (cound be saturday or sunday). That will make the trick for must of us.

What do you think?

Re: Action Item #4 - rolling the ball


daddystu wrote:
jorge can you add to this please? Thanks.


jen (GMT+10:00)
daddystu (GMT+9:00)

jorgebarrero (GMT -4:00)

Re: Action Item #4 - rolling the ball

Excelent Job

Now we are talking....

Yes I like the idea to focus on the System Module. (As a start point of course). The others should be system based.
We should focus on terminilogy, consistency, standarization, readme information, look and feel,

About the schedule for the chat session. Is no problem about timing. The real problem is I do not know about chat software for xoops. The only one I know is 123 flash chat & flash chat. Probably use messenger?

We car arrange a "working site" set our milestones on the products for the System Module (actual an future recomendations like the interfase).

The last thing is getting a "sponsor" on the XOOPS Core development team so that we can formaly present our recomendations.

Re: Action Item #4 - rolling the ball

Wha about if we arange a chat session to discuss all this ideas and set up a "recommended" User Guidelines Interfase and a "look & and feel" document?


Re: Being ignored by Xoops?


iclaudius wrote:
I had really hoped to find some compassionate soul on these forums who might help out with my install problems. Having followed instructions found on all install forums, wiki and FAQ sections, my site still refuses to work. Still, no experienced users have bothered to respond to what I thought were perfectly reasonable postings:


Open source this project is, but not exactly the most helpful community I've ever tried to join. Is anybody out there?


If you are new to xoops, or even new to apache, php an all that and want to play arround with xoops, try first in local mode. There is a tool called XSAS. It installs Xoops, php, phpmyadmin, and php in local mode (an creates a virtual disk to run) If you like it then you can upload it.

getit here

Note (installs version the same I am using)

Jorge Barrero

Re: How do I embed a outside page in xoops

thks carnuke

I am setting up a portal at


I sar that you are using wf-sections (same as I am)

an saw you had a right side block with all categories

Iactually I would like to make a block like this but I wonder if if tis possible to show only a group of sub categories.

That is what I need to do but not sure on how.


Re: How do I embed a outside page in xoops

please carnuke

I saw your page, I wonder how you could?:

make a wf section category block

make a sumary page

can you share?

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