Action Item #4 - rolling the ball
  • 2005/2/1 1:04

  • daddystu

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Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

I have taken jensclas's offer of help and we will use this board to post updates.
Dave if you caould please add jensclas to the team members, that would be great, thanks.

Here is a starting outline...

I am not used to working in cyberspace so am actually wondering what the best way to collaborate would be..posting here is a good base but if there are screenshots and/or looooong messages?? And versioning of course. Any help on that would be appreicated.


XOOPS Quality Assurance team
Date:January 31, 2005

TASK:Action Item#4
Define which areas require 'standard' terms. UI buttons - 'Submit' c.f. 'Send' for example. Next would be translation of these.

Members: daddystu, Japan, jensclas, Australia

TERMS for this ActionItem itself

ADMIN CONTROL PANEL>the administration area where all modules can be administered, the XOOPS admin area

MODULE ICON > the icon/graphic, usually yellow, which represents the module in the admin control panel area

MODULE ADMIN PAGE> each module has one or more admin pages. Access to these pages is by clicking on the module icon in the admin control panel or by clicking on one of the menu items when mousing over one of these module icons.

XOOPS USER INTERFACE>any non-admin area of XOOPS and/or its modules.

1:Pinpoint the elements.
2:Create a list of English language that could be used for these elements.
3:Test and remake the list by comparison with several modules.
4:Translate the list.

*********Start with 1***

1.Pinpoint the elements that are generic to any XOOPS module (or very common - shared among many modules).

A module developer may provide instructions and/or the functionality of their module may refer to core parts of Xoops. The terms used must match that of the XOOPS devs.
Example, the administration Control Panel. Blocks...etc.
There should be a glossary in the XOOPS docs for this, so we should not have to do anything here, it is included for completeness.??? DO WE NEED THIS?

1.2.1 control panel>> the names of the different module admin pages.

Looking at some modules, grabbing the names of 'generic' terms, we can start to make a list such as...
Permissions (Group's permissions|Permissions|Submit/Approve Permissions|Permission Settings)

1.2.2 module admin pages >> buttons, labels found on individual pages...
commiting button label

jenny - this is where I think we should start, how about we both look over some modules and produce a list each, compare them and then check for the generic terms??

Re: Action Item #4 - rolling the ball

I am happy to start on the module language - but I wonder about this:
There should be a glossary in the XOOPS docs for this, so we should not have to do anything here, it is included for completeness.??? DO WE NEED THIS?

I think we do - but is there one and if so where is it? I haven't seen one though there are lots of definitions in XOOPS FAQ. Perhaps we can collate from these?
Let me have a few days to get my list going. Stay tuned.

Re: Action Item #4 - rolling the ball

Have you tried the dictionary module? I have it on my site but only have two terms in it...dictionary here
I wonder if we could have this module uploaded somewhere so there are more than the two of us contributing - just a thought!


Re: Action Item #4 - rolling the ball
  • 2005/2/1 12:03

  • daddystu

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no worries, when you can.

I'll see if I can dig up anything on the XOOPS glossary...

I have used the dictionary module, yes, but apparently it has (had) a security vulnerability that I don't really understand. That was v0.9 though, still I digress

Let's bang through an initial list on the admin control panel section ourselves and see where we get to if that's OK with you.

I thought that might be better at first, then when we have the basic list, offer it up to some more people
for opinions, then maybe putting into such a module might be good for continual development. I could probably setup a temp server we could use...I'll have a look for the new one.

Catchyer later

Re: Action Item #4 - rolling the ball

Terminology is a very important issue. Is the basis and the core of the system.

Two problems arrive:
Consistency between modules
Consistency between languages

I sugest matrix in excel. colum 1 is the english term, colum 2 is the definition and then on one colum for eact translation.

Eventualy we can make this structure work for a data base system so ypu can "borrow" terms from other modules, and increase consistency.

A good example has been the User Interfase Guidelines that Apple released (early begining)

just an idea, I woul like to help on this topic.

Jorge Barrero

Re: Action Item #4 - rolling the ball


I will start working on a list tonight...after work - gotta run and get ready...I like jorges idea and it would be good to have a central place to collate before publication...but I really think we need to be able to add to it after it's initial publication as we come across anything we may have left out! But I am no programmer...I will simply focus on providing content - leave the how to present it to you guys.


Re: Action Item #4 - rolling the ball
  • 2005/2/2 4:58

  • daddystu

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hey jorge, thanks for the input now and continued

I too like the simplisity of the spreadsheet.
Here is a quick first draft.

jenny, I agree 100% if not more that we need this to be presented in a way that others can contribute to. Please don't misunderstand me, I just think that first of all we need to get our direction right and a few of us can generally do that better than many.

Have a look over this excel sheet and post here, thanks.


Re: Action Item #4 - rolling the ball

This is a great way of making comparisons - I guess we are on a different wave length...this is a glossary I just started putting together

I can of course adjust the groupings of terms...

Re: Action Item #4 - rolling the ball

This is nice work.

I checked both work sheets, It woul be ideal if we could do this online in some way.... I am not a good programer but Let me try something

I think this is the way

Re: Action Item #4 - rolling the ball

How about checking out hsalazars 'word book' module?review here


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