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Hi Guys
seems to be generally pretty quiet on the QA forum as a whole so I don't feel soooo bad but...sorry I haven't been around.

jen, I hope everything went alright with you...

jorgebarrero, glad you could make it to the shoutbox. let me know if you are available at any times....but...time is pressing, and we are losing momentum so here is the plan.

We have to date three things I think.

1.a spreadsheet with a breakdown of the current system admin UI and it's buttons, labels, descriptors and other text.

2.a glossary which provides English for some of the above.

3.a proposed re-breakdown of the interface from jorgebarrero.

We are behind schedule and I am loathe to lose any more momentum so I would like to suggest.

a- we complete the system module breakdown as per the spreadhseet, finalising the glossary entries in English and selecting the standard terminology

b- submit that and only that as our first unit of work. not sure who to, but Dave_L says pretty much anything would be OK so we can just submit the spreadsheet I guess.

From here on, I can see several things.

i- We need to look at the other system modules and other modules too and suggest standardised language for them in the same way. (feedback from devs will help guide us here I think.)

ii- The Help text language needs to be 'standardised' somehow. - the system too, jorgebarrero's idea of help on/off at the user7s request is excellent.

iii - discuss jorgebarrero's UI ideas with some core developers to see what the next big revision of XOOPS is bringing. jorgebarrero's ideas are great, I really like them, but the core devs may already be working on this, certainly some people are and we need to get some agreement before continuing otherwise we may end up with just another possibility where we really need standards.

iv - language translation of the glossary. once terminology is set, need a team of translators.

v- a system for a developer to be able to check any new module for language consistency....maybe a list of volunteers who are au fey with the glossary, can be asked to check any new module...??? certainly that needs to be looked at - how does a developer actually check their module.??

I am sure there are many more but let's finish this one off. It will help us all I think if we can finish even this small item.

I will look over the spreadsheet from before and work on the glossary myself.

Let me know how you are doing and how much we reckon we can get done over the next couple of weeks.


Re: Status update

We have a saying in Spanish (no idea if English)

"el que mucho abarca poco aprieta"

This stands for:

If you try o grab a big lot, probably you will squeeze very little.

NOTE: (this is the worst translation ever)

I have been working a lot trying to define the scope of our job. Specially because I am workin also in th smoketests.

I found two things.

We can work on the past (things already done)

We can work on the future (Recomendations for things to come)

No sense to evaluate modules that at glance, would not pass our very nice standards.
None have a good readme, non are easy to use (like the system itsef), none are good enough to meet our dreams of what a module should be.

I think our group shoul concentrate on future issues, learning from the past but not trying to correct or even evaluate. (That is left to other teams).

We need to set up our goal in somthing like "The XOOPS User Standard Interfase". That is an Ideal standard but we have to set some core rules (like jens readmes sugestions).

We can present the interfases as "examples" to the cores team and look for their feedback. Alsa we can present the excel spreadsheets as "examples" of our concerns.

If the core team consider that our effort goes in a good direction, then we can "make a full fetured effort".

I saw something about great Ideas for version 3. We shoul point to have the XOOPS standard interfece gidelines working poiinting there.

I aggree with all the points that Daddytsu is considering. Count on me. Just want to make sure we are pointing on the same direction.

What do you think?

Re: Status update

Hi guys

yes - all went well with me...thanks

I am really busy with school but specific small jobs are very manageable still.

I agree that we need to be looking to the future - to look back is kind of shutting the gate after the horse has bolted -

Xoops 3 from the conference in Brussels sounds exciting and maybe we should be working towards that. What we need to know is the time frame - is it 12 months or more away? If so then it is still worth doing read me's etc on XOOPS 2 modules...however if it is three months away we need some info/input from developers to make sure we are on target with the new system.

I have yet to revamp my 'importance of read me docs' after the feedback. I will make that a job of high priority this week.

Cheers Jenny

Re: Status update

is it 12 months or more away?

No. In a month or so, we will know much more about when it will be production-ready, but now we are focusing on getting a first hands-on developer version out within the next couple of weeks.


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