LDAP, Active Directory, Exchange, eDirectory integration
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Found the answer here:
LDAP, Active Directory, Exchange, eDirectory, CAS, Project Liberty integration

Authentication Service Hack

Re: Looking for a collaborative documentation module
  • 2005/4/2 2:42

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I too am investigating documentation modules which are compatible with the docbook XML format.

xDocman is now hidden in the XOOPS dev site.
I did find it in the CVS.

Re: mx-Directory
  • 2005/4/2 1:58

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Would it be possible to get the existing code to test?
I checked the project page in the dev site - no files.
Please post existing files.
I assume you would get more feedback and/or contributions that way.

Glad to hear you have signed-on to further develop a much needed and popular module.


Re: Microsoft Exchange Integration - anyone done it?
  • 2005/4/2 1:10

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There has been some discussion about promoting XOOPS to small and medium sized corporate users.

One such user has stated Exchange integration would be required.

I am attempting to gather some background information on if and how anyone has integrated the XOOPS user system with any other corporate user system.
The goal being to have one integrated user system.

I would assume someone has done this for a corporate client.

Perhaps the better question would be "who are the integrators working with corporate clients?"

Microsoft Exchange Integration - anyone done it?
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Has anyone seen anything on integrating the XOOPS user system with Microsoft Exchange?

A search here and on the dev site did not return anything.
I also checked the XOOPS forums on SourceForge.

Anyone know of a third-party integrator who has done work on this for a client?

Any larger corporate users who may have done this?

It does appear that Novell has integrated Novell Forge with their user system.

Thanks for your help.

Re: Mambo winning on PR-field now
  • 2005/3/31 23:40

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biglove wrote:
It would be nice to 'target market' XOOPS module developers. However, I'm not aware of a list we can go buy of module developers that are looking for a new CMS to support.

The closest we can come to creating such a list to put some ad's and press on PHPdev.com and similar sites.

I think if we got enough users everything else will follow.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

This is getting VERY tiresome.

Second concern is dealing with technical people who think they know everything about marketing and PR and make everything a battle.
Too many very smart technical people don't know what they don't know.
This got very, very old.

Re: Mambo winning on PR-field now
  • 2005/3/31 10:43

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Mithrandir wrote:
One of the fuzzy things is what you want exactly from the official XOOPS team, Ken. Am I right in thinking that you want something comparable to pages 3 to 5 of the OpenOffice marketing plan to build on?

This post is an example of exactly what I want from the official XOOPS team.
Feedback, direction, your XOOPS environment knowledge, official appointment, commitment to the project.

Regarding the OpenOffice marketing plan - yes, I would like to have the board's
input on that type of marketing goals, and once these goals are established for XOOPS,
a commitment to achieving those goals.
As I have discussed earlier, there may be some effort required from the development
side to meet certain marketing goals. Some very easy, some more difficult.
Exactly what will be needed will not be known until the competitive analysis is done.
I want board commitment to some level of development which may be required.

My concern - the marketing project is expected to operate autonomously rather than
be a part of the whole. The user focus I have discussed before is very important.
How successful the project will be in the long-term will depend on development also.

The XOOPS Foundation goals are somewhat general.
To create more specific marketing goals, I am looking for input such as the remainder
of your post.

To give my initial views:1) Search engines are fine, and getting more people visit this site would be good - however, we HAVE many users, we HAVE many visitors.

We have someone offering to do this.
SE marketing is a piece of a marketing plan.

What I want is that when someone does get to this site, relevant information is available and easy to find.

I have been thinking about this.
The XOOPS site is huge, complicated, and not structured to sell.
It is an information site, not a marketing site.
We need a XOOPS Marketing Project web site.
We can use it to manage the project and as a showcase for XOOPS.
Requirements are simple: able to install a customized XOOPS, able to self-manage
all aspects of that site (this would include FTP access).
Where this is is unimportant to me.
A subweb here. A stand alone site.
While I would prefer it be here, we can pursue another situation if needed.

2) Having many users is not a goal in itself. I am not doing all this work in order to satisfy someone in Texas, who learn about XOOPS next week. I am doing it for YOU. You, who already know about XOOPS and use it on your site. I'm doing it for you, who are thinking about trading XOOPS for another CMS (hopefully making you change your mind). I'm doing it for myself, because it will reflect well on me to be part of a respected project.

Marketing wise - current users (customers) are the best source of new business.
The current database is filled with the kind of users you want to target
who for whatever reason did not get XOOPS up and running for their project.
This is another area I would like to see commitment from the board.
I have never received any communication from XOOPS since I registered.

Active outgoing communication is a must.
A once a month mailing of news and info would be very useful.
Even quarterly to start would be wonderful.
I am sure thousands of the web site members have opted-in to receive email.
Not using this channel is just nuts.

I know there is an issue with the web site performance and emailing the list.
Maybe we (the marketing team) could negotiate a free deal with an outside mailer.
Perhaps we could use an email program on a local machine and throttle it
to do the mailing over 5 days.
Perhaps we could do the mailing in blocks each day at the web site's lowest
traffic level and throttle it to minimize the impact.

What ever the final solution, we must do this mailing.

I want reviewers and journalists to be able to review XOOPS and honestly say that it is a good product that they can recommend.

One thing you can count on is them being honest.
Plan on an honest assessment - this may be unpleasant, it may be wonderful.
And hopefully factually correct - our job to help insure this (XOOPS all of us).

We are up against tough competition. There are commercial systems such as MS SharePoint, Sitecore and others. There are open source systems such as Xaraya, PostNuke, Mambo and OpenSourceCMS. What do we have that they don't have? Two strengths, I do think we can use: Easy to setup, easy to trial (especially relevant in competition with the commercial systems) and focus on security (relevant in competition with the other OS PHP systems)

These type items are what will be what we are trying to discover in the competitive analysis.
You may be surprised.
What we consider easy setup may be difficult for the target user.

This is an area where I would like board commitment.
We definitely should target users where XOOPS has what they need now.
Invariably there will be items which they require that we do not know about.

I would like a commitment from the board to attempt to meet these needs.
Easy stuff should happen almost immediately (like my easy examples in posts above).
More difficult items should at a minimum be added to the ToDo list.

Basically what I am looking for from the board is some level of commitment to user-focus.

My personal opinion is that we should aim at increasing the market share in the area of small and medium enterprises that need interaction on their websites (not just static information pages), have multiple roles in managing the content (e.g. providers, editors and approvers) and have IT responsible employees.

This would be a great target market.
** Small and medium sized companies with at least one dedicated IT person.
Does that sound like a good description?

The last one perhaps needs a little explanation: XOOPS does not have a lot of consultants connected to the project, we cannot guarantee support and we cannot (yet) guarantee quality of 3rd party modules etc. Therefore XOOPS is not a viable solution, in my eyes, for a small company without IT personnel who can learn the system and provide internal support.

This would be another fantastic target market.
** Third-party integrators or consultants.
You get one integrator and you get multiple installations.
They are also a good project resource.

A more long term goal could very well be that it should be usable by anyone, regardless of IT knowledge, but XOOPS as of today is not like that, I think, and that is what we should focus on: How XOOPS is right now.

Ease-of-use is important no matter the client size.
A commitment to this user-focus should over time make XOOPS easier for all sized clients.
The two target markets above seem to fit the "How XOOPS is right now" quite well.

If we can confirm these are the first two target markets for this project,
we will have made progress. Please confirm this with the other "official" members.

Herko, we need your thoughts and input on all of this.

So more what I would like to see/hear from the board:
- Yes, we want to pursue the XOOPS Marketing Project.
- Yes, we are committed to supporting the project.
- Yes, we confirm you (me) as the XOOPS Marketing Project Lead. (a mandate)
- Yes, we will help by setting up a subweb for the project.
- And the stuff I mentioned above.



Re: Mambo winning on PR-field now
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gruessle wrote:
I say
- 5,000 new users who contribute nothing!

These will follow:
- 30 new users who contribute much needed modules will follow

See if you have 5000 users who are new to this you will have a few which will drop a bug or two.

But if you have 3 programmers and the best modules you still don't have any users.

How is it that "users who contribute nothing" are somehow magically transformed
into 30 new users who contribute modules?

Instead of wasting time and effort to acquire users of unknown benefit to the project,
targeting the right user is far more efficient. And proven far more successful.

That is why it is called targeted marketing.
That is why it is used by successful companies.
That is why it is taught in business school.

Aren't you the one who offered to lead this project, but "you didn't have the time?"
The position is available if you want it.

I found your first post obnoxious and arrogant.
Almost responded then, decided not to.

If you have anything useful to contribute, please chime in.
If all you want to do is continue to attempt to prove how smart you are,
or how obnoxious you can be, or just be a spoiler, please go away.

Re: Mambo winning on PR-field now
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Budget? You're funny!
Nothing we are discussing right now requires anything but hard work.
Article coverage obtained via PR is free.
The cost of PR is hiring the experts.
I assume you were thinking of advertising, not PR.

The only thing which could cost is if someone wants to have
the XOOPS flyer we are discussing professionally printed.

Re: Search Engine Marketing
What is your process?
My understanding is the first steps are to create a key word/phrase list,
and then run a ranking report to determine the current status.
Please advise.

Key words/phrases: general XOOPS related terms now, when we have some target markets
we will be adding key phrases specific to those target markets.

We will need a home
Temporary or permanent is fine.
Martijn - you have a domain name we could use.
Anyone have some web space we could use temporarily?
A subweb, anything would be fine.
URL name doesn't matter.
Only requirement is we can install XOOPS with a custom template and theme.
And we have direct access to be able to make changes.
The Marketing Project could also serve as a XOOPS showcase site.
And be a landing place for incoming marketing generated inquires.

Marketing background info
Some useful links:

How Marketing Plans Work

How Market Research Works

Everyone on the team, current and potential, should be familiar with these.

SWOT Analysis
I would not work on the report itself until we have confirmation of the full
support of the board, and we have established specific marketing goals.
Otherwise you could be doing a lot of work for nothing.

Collecting background information on the market and competitors
(as you have been doing) is probably the best for now.

What the XOOPS Marketing Project could be when it grows-up
Something to aspire to . . .
OpenOffice has a well developed and substantial marketing project.
Obviously this project was developed over time.

A quote from a presentation about the OOo Strategic Marketing Plan:
"The main challenge facing the OpenOffice.org community is not
a technical one - it is a marketing one."

This applies to XOOPS as well.

OpenOffice Strategic Marketing Plan 2010 (home page)

Example comprehensive marketing plan for an open source project.
OpenOffice.org Strategic Marketing Plan 2010 - draft (58 pages, 491KB PDF)
Notice that ALL of the marketing plan flows from the goals.

Interesting note: They got article coverage about their Marketing Project. (3 articles)
Apparently an open source project having real marketing is newsworthy.
Open source having marketing is news.
Think about that.
It is so unusual for open source to have marketing that it is news.

Let's be unusual.

Target Markets
What would be better for the XOOPS project?
- 5,000 new users who contribute nothing?
- 3 new users who contribute much needed modules?

Who should we target to most benefit the XOOPS project?

Who should we target to meet the stated goals of the XOOPS Foundation?

The goals of the XOOPS Marketing Project should be based on the answers to these questions.



Re: Mambo winning on PR-field now
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Is search engine marketing a marketing plan? No
Is search engine marketing a part of a marketing plan? Yes.
Is search engine marketing a replacement for PR? No.

A complete marketing plan encompasses multiple marketing communications channels.
Examples of channels:
- print publications
- online publications
- direct mail
- online direct mail (email)
- radio & TV
- industry analyst publications, online and offline
- and . . . search engine marketing

This is not a complete list.

Another channels example, how people receive news:
- TV (CBS or ABC or CNN or . . .)
- newspapers (local, national, regional, industry)
- magazines (Newsweek, Time, industry specific)
- online news site or portal
- RSS feed
- etc., etc.
I will miss a lot potential customers/users if I only send my news to online news sites.

Utilizing only one channel restricts the audience reach.
For maximum effect we use as many channels as possible.
Certain channels are better for communicating with different target markets.
If my goal is to attract more non-geeks, search engine marketing would not be my first choice.
For obvious reasons - they may not be online, they may not use search online.

Advantages of PR?
- Easier to target specific audiences
- Reach audiences available no other way
- Implied third-party endorsement
- blah, blah, blah, etc.

As I said in an earlier post, all channels broadcasting the same messages is powerful.
More powerful than one channel.
More powerful than mixed messages.
More powerful than a shotgun approach.
Yes, the shotgun approach will produce results.
Yes, any marketing is better than no marketing.
(well almost, you can actually hurt yourself)

Would search engine marketing be a useful addition to the XOOPS marketing mix? Definitely
Should search engine marketing be coordinated with an overall marketing plan? Yes.

I welcome any offers to help the Marketing & Communications Team effort.
Creating a new thread with a long persuasion text smacks of "I want to show how
much smarter I am", not I want to join the team and the discussion here.
Starting a new thread to solicit opinion on target markets is not helpful.
A debate on what comprises a marketing plan is not something I wish to pursue.

A knowledgeable search engine marketing person would be a valuable addition to the team.
I would welcome your participation in that capacity.

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