Looking for a collaborative documentation module
  • 2005/4/1 16:52

  • pgregory

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I manage an open source project (http://www.aqsis.org) that uses XOOPS for the web presence. As is often the case with OS projects, the documentation is lacking. I've started various attempts to get proper documentation up and running, but each has failed due to lack of time and commitment of those involved.

I'd like to put together a collaborative documentation system similar in principle to a Wiki. When the documentation can easily be updated and added to by anybody, online, there is a greater possibility of the documentation being maintained. But I'd like to be able to deliver the documentation in different formats, as well as online. DocBook seems to fit this requirement quite well. So the ideal would be a module that presents a Wiki style interface, with Wiki markup and HTML presentation as per normal Wiki. But with an option to export the pages as DocBook for conversion to PDF, PS, HTMLHelp etc.

If no such module exists, I am probably going to try to hack WikiMod and use the Linux Documentation Project's wt2db scripts, anyone with any experience in this area?



Re: Looking for a collaborative documentation module
  • 2005/4/1 16:58

  • biagio

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I'm lookin for the same module


Re: Looking for a collaborative documentation module
  • 2005/4/1 18:36

  • MadFish

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Talk to Robrekas about the Docman module, used on the Docs site. The big headache currently is marking up text into Docbook XML. If you can come up with some solution for doing this that minimises user need for technical knowledge of Docbook I would love to hear about it (and so will every major library on the planet !)

Re: Looking for a collaborative documentation module
  • 2005/4/2 2:42

  • kenmcd

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I too am investigating documentation modules which are compatible with the docbook XML format.

xDocman is now hidden in the XOOPS dev site.
I did find it in the CVS.


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