XBS MetaTags and 2.0.16

I am trying to get XBS MetaTags to work with 2.0.16 and am not having any luck. I went to the author's website and according to the post I found here:


all I should have to do to get this to work is:

Change line 61 in the include/metatags.php file to read

$v2014 = ((XOOPS_VERSION == 'XOOPS 2.0.14')||(XOOPS_VERSION == 'XOOPS 2.0.15')||(XOOPS_VERSION == 'XOOPS 2.0.16'));

I still get a white screen when going to anything outside of the admin area after making the changes. Any ideas on how to make this module work. I would hate to see XOOPS lose this module.


Re: BUG - KOIVI editor preview on SMARTSECTION 1.05 and Internet Explorer

use firefox.

Re: cbb problems

Thanks for listening phppp I will install WAMP as soon as I can and test it. I might have a chance to later today. If not I'll have to wait until after work.

Re: cbb problems

Just so I knew I wasn't crazy I did a test last night my installing xampp on one of my xp pro boxes and set up a subdomain on my server. I did a new install of 2.0.15, frameworks, and cbb on both locations. I applied all of the fixes that have been suggested but the result was the same as my initial post. I get a blank page when accessing the permissions area and also when I try to create a new category.

Re: cbb problems

Operating system - Linux
Kernel version 2.4.21-40.ELsmp
Machine Type i686
Apache version 1.3.37 (Unix)
PERL version 5.8.7
PHP version 4.4.4
MySQL version 4.1.21-standard

New install of XOOPS 2.0.15
latest frameworks

Re: cbb problems

with respect I have the latest and still have issues phppp

Re: cbb problems

I have tried every suggestion that I could find and still no luck.

4) I've checked the CBB support forum and found several users reporting the same issue with white pages, one with over 500 views and NO REPLIES. Absolutely amazing....

Yes this is amazing! What is even more amazing to me is that 2.0.15 has a well known bug with form.php and skalpa seems to not give a rats behind about it. There should have been a very quick update done after it was found.

With all of these issues how in the hell is a newb going to download and install XOOPS and use it without getting frustrated?

cbb problems

When trying to access the permissions area in cbb admin area I get a white screen. Also when trying to create a new catagory I get a white screen. When turning on debuging I see:

All errors (0queries (5blocks (0extra (0timers (3)
FROM xoops_config WHERE (conf_modid '0' AND conf_catid '1'ORDER BY conf_order ASC
SELECT sess_data FROM xoops_session WHERE sess_id 
SELECT FROM xoops_users WHERE uid=1
FROM xoops_modules WHERE dirname 'newbb'
SELECT FROM xoops_config WHERE (conf_modid '18'ORDER BY conf_order ASC
5 queries
0 blocks
XOOPS took 0.091 seconds to load
XOOPS Boot took 0.037 seconds to load.
Module init took 0.055 seconds to load.

I uploaded the form.php as suggested but still no luck. This is happening in cbb 3.05 and 3.06 releases on 2.0.15.

Re: What we can include to XOOPS to get it friendlier ???

I've tried alot of cms's out there and I have to say that XOOPS is by far the best supported and easy to use out of all of them. I have some pretty stupid questions at times and all have been met with kind and quick responses.

I have been frustrated at times with the way the development has gone over the past year. I also know the pains of looking for modules that work right out of the box so to speak. When I get frustrated I try to remember that this is an Open Source project and there is only one way to make things better and that is to help out where I can. I also remember that this free!

module updater module

Would it be possible to create a module that would check for module updates? Here is my idea:

In each module the developer could put a link in the module to where the module resides like the module repository or the developers site. When the updater module wants to check for updates it would see the links and check them to see if the modules version number has changed. If it has then it could then notify you and then provide a clickable link to the updated version and when the link is clicked it would download to your local machine. At that time it would be up to the user to update the module.

I keep a list of all the modules that I am using and on what site. I also keep the current version number and then the url to the site I found it. I check all of these once a week to see if there are any updates. I was just trying to think of a way to make it easier.

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