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The XOOPS Community is blessed with many great individuals, who dedicate countless hours to help XOOPS to move forward. We see them on the forums, and we see the results of their hard work in new and/or updated modules, themes, and bug fixes.

The key to XOOPS success is to have a strong team working together.

Today we would like to announce new additions to the XOOPS Council to lead and guide XOOPS forward (you can see their detailed bios below):

International Support Team: Christelle Gaulupeau (Cesag) from France

Modules Team: Jim Garrett (Zyspec) from USA.

Documentation Team: Alain Thivillier (Alain01) from France

Support Team: Ali Nili (Irmtfan) from Iran

Design Team: Angelo Rocha (AngeloRocha) from Brazil

Core Team: Trabis who was leading the development of XOOPS 2.6.0 together with Nicolas, is on leave of absence, but we hope he'll be back soon. In the meantime, the Core Team members will continue with the development as a team.

Today we would like to also thank Nicolas Andricq (ForMuss) and Eduardo Cortés (Bitc3r0) who have resigned from the Council due to new jobs and not having enough time. However, BitC3r0 is committed to continue with the further development of RM Common Utilities. Their help and support over years was instrumental in improving XOOPS, and we very much appreciate it!

We are all looking forward to working together to keep moving XOOPS forward!

Bios of the new XOOPS Council members:

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Angelo Rocha (AngeloRocha) - Design Team

He lives in Brazil, in Fortaleza CE. Since 2008, when he first discovered XOOPS, his passion is for front end development.

He is currently working for a web agency, developing websites and GUI to systems. He has extensive knowledge Web, SEO, Web Standards, HTML5 and CSS3. He also worked for the Government of the State of Ceará, made presentations at various Open Source events, with the focus on XOOPS.

He has a site about XOOPS (http://www.xoopsfire.com) that provides support for the Brazilian community. His objective is to make his themes for XOOPS increasingly more beautiful and functional, and to remake most used modules templates.

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Alain Thivillier (Alain01) – Documentation Team

He lives close to Lyon, France. In his professional life he is a LAN administrator.

He’s been using XOOPS since 2003, when he tested many CMS projects (more than 8), and was surprised by the ease of use of XOOPS and the strength of the French community. He became active in the French support team, between 2004 and 2009, where he organized meetings among the XOOPS developers:
and XOOPS users:

With each new Website, he is always trying to learn something new, (theme and modules) and then once it's works, he writes a tutorial for the XOOPS community. He likes to share knowledge as he thinks that it's the best way to learn.

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Christelle Gaulupeau (Cesag) - International Team

She started with XOOPS 2.0.18, and she liked the modular approach of XOOPS. What convinced her to XOOPS was the very helpful community that felt like a “family”. Since she strongly believes in "Do not ask what XOOPS can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for XOOPS”, she started to help others. First with her limited knowledge she was helping other beginners, but gradually, as she learned more and more, she was able to get involved in testing and in translations.

The one thing that excites her and motivates her the most, is when there is a request for voting for XOOPS and people show their solidarity by voting and supporting XOOPS.

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Ali Nili (Irmtfan) – Support Team

He is a chemical engineer from Iran who works for an industrial group company in Iran as a technical expert in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. In his spare time he does some MATLAB coding, and of course, development in XOOPS.

In XOOPS he is specially interested in feature requesting and bug reporting as well as helping other Xoopsers to use XOOPS better.
He is author of the very useful UserLog module that he developed focusing on using as much as possible the XOOPS API.

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Jim Garret (Zyspec) – Modules Team

He lives in Texas, USA. He started programming in late 70’s, but is actually a hardware design engineer by training, which gave him a good foundation for evaluating code improvements. It also provided him with a strong background in code structure and architecture. After working as a hardware engineer for a number of years he managed large groups of both hardware and software engineers. He also worked for several years as a systems architect for a large computer company and managed a group of systems engineers which gave him a good foundation in systems specification and development. He has programmed in BASIC, FORTRAN, C, Assembly (microcontroller and microprocessor), and of course PHP among others.

On XOOPS Jim was very active in Blue Move updates of modules, and helping XOOPS developers with API questions.
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