XOOPS 2.5 Beta Released

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Resized Image The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce that a new version of the Top 5 Finalist of 2010 Packt Open Source CMS - XOOPS 2.5.0 Beta is available for download. Resized Image The XOOPS 2.5.0 release is a major redesign of the System Module which has been AJAX-ed with jQuery done mainly by Nicolas Andricq (ForMusS), Cointin Maxime (kraven_30), and Grégory Mage (Mage). Other major contributors include Trabis, Voltan, and Kris_fr. Some of the new features are truly amazing, like the visual placement of blocks, and we're sure that the users will love them Other major improvements/additions include: - Added: Help System for Admin and modules (see PM module) - Added: MySQL Dump in Maintenance - Added: New Redirect messaging - Added: Column sorting in tables - Added: smarty plugin for icon pack - Added: smarty plugin for breadcrumb navigation - Added: jQuery plugins for display popup or manage drag & drop - Added: File Manager (Plugin) - Added: Maintenance with Cache Clean-up, and Tables Maintenance - Added: Visual module ordering with drag & drop - Added: Visual block placement with drag & drop - Added: Refactor all PHP code for use XOOPS API - Added: Use template in the same way that front user, admin side for module can call a main template define in xoops_version.php - Added: Allow override of template in admin theme like frontend if we set template in ADMIN_THEME - Added: New variable 'system_menu' in xoops_version.php of each module, this variable generate a tab menu for module admin side if set to 1, this feature is for give one unique tab menu for all menu (eg: module PM for). - Added: add jquery plugin in xoops_lib - Added: change install for install admin template and admin setting - Added: manage editor for blocks, comments and for all module if module developper want to use it activate or deactivate system section - Added: choose number of line for admin section - Added: display or hide tips Avatar: - activate/deactivate avatar with ajax Banners: - jquery popup for display banners Block admin: - drag n drop block for manage position and weight - jquery popup for preview Comments: - multiple selection for deletion - purge Groups: - number of user per group - new disposition Images: - lightbox preview + thumbs Modulea Admin: - jquery popup for display info Preferences: - system settings Smilies: - activate/deactivate smilies with ajax Templates: - manage overide of all template online - generated file come from database User Rank: - activate/deactivate userrank with ajax Users: - advanced user management - new disposition - simple and advance search For a detailed Change log, please click here. Videos To see the main features of XOOPS 2.5.0, check out the following videos that were made for the Alpha release: a) In Spanish (by Uskola 2) b) In English (by Vamptrix) c) In English (by Mamba)


Please remember: This is BETA release for features testing only!!!! DO NOT install it on a production site and DO NOT upgrade any production site with it!!! This is NOT an Update to Alpha 1 or 2. You HAVE TO install it as a FRESH Install. Download it from Sourceforge repository. Please post and discuss all issues related to this release in this forum We also need help with Translations

System requirements

Any PHP version >= 5.2+

Please note: XOOPS 2.5.x series is tested and certified exclusively on PHP5: Read more here

Resized Image

MySQL server 5.0+

Please note: XOOPS 2.5.x series is tested and certified exclusively on MySQL 5.0+:

Web server:
Any server supporting the required PHP version (Apache highly recommended)

Downloading XOOPS

Your can get this release package from the Sourceforge file repository
Both .zip and .gz archives are provided:

xoops_2.5.0_Beta.zip (6 MB):
Md5: f92b0c795aa6bc4e48f035715543d407
Sha1: 34ecb5b12ce7f1fab33c3ad8936b0f806c68271c

xoops_2.5.0_Beta.tgz (4MB):
Md5: 3a132f516e6bd2a51d321b0488a1d01b
Sha1: 74ad6f41e61b124c8e93ea1e23ddeabe75ecfc3b

xoops_2.5.0_Beta.7z (3 MB):
Md5: 0940e0d6dbd96705c1d23ca35d51d856
Sha1: 893fd07e3a85e7338dbc4993ebcbeb5398386499

Installing XOOPS

1. Copy the content of the htdocs/ folder where it can be accessed by your server
2. Ensure mainfile.php and uploads/ are writable by the web server
3. For security considerations, you are STRONGLY encouraged to move directories "/xoops_lib" (for XOOPS libraries) and "/xoops_data" (for XOOPS data) out of Document Root, and change the folder names.
4. Make the directory xoops_data/ writable; Create (if not already present) and make the directories xoops_data/caches/, xoops_data/caches/xoops_cache/, xoops_data/caches/smarty_cache/ and xoops_data/caches/smarty_compile/ writable (permission 0777 on Linux).
5. Access the folder where you've installed the htdocs/ files using your web browser to launch the installation wizard
6. Follow the instructions

You can also check out the detailed Installation Guide

Debug information display level

Since XOOPS 2.3.1 debug information display level is enabled as a temporary solution for 2.3* to show debug information to different level of users: to all users, to members or to admins only.
The configuration can be set in /xoops_data/configs/xoopsconfig.php
A new debug information tools will be available for 2.4 using FireBug (see http://tinyurl.com/nmnjdp)

Files integrity check

The full XOOPS package is released with a script able to check if all the system files have been correctly uploaded to the server. To use it, follow these instructions:

1. Upload the checksum.php and checksum.md5 files located in the XOOPS package root to your XOOPS server folder (putting them next to mainfile.php).
2. Execute checksum.php with your browser
3. If necessary, re-upload the missing or corrupted system files
4. Remove checksum.php and checksum.md5 from your server


This release contains only the "system-related modules". You are invited to browse the XOOPS modules repository to if you need additional functionality. Note: as a new repository is being built, the current repository is not up-to-date, PLEASE VISIT INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPERS' WEBSITES TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING LATEST VERSION OF MODULES.

How to contribute
Bug report: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=41586&atid=430840
Patch and enhancement: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=41586&atid=430842
Feature design: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=41586&atid=430843
Release announcement: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/xoops-announcement

XOOPS Development Team
September 30, 2010
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