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After a little time on my site, I proposed a radar map for planes which is refreshed every 1 minute automatically, and displays aircraft in line with a gap of 5 minutes (for reasons of air safety) (

After several days of reflection, I decided to set the bar higher.

In addition to this same map, which seemed to me too static, I offer this time a new map, but this time animated (always offset this with 5 minutes).

The process is simple: I use the famous Windows Media Encoder to capture the image every X seconds, and everything is transmitted in streaming and real-time. What makes you see exactly the same thing as me in real time through the box and its radar antenna mounted on my balcony, all connected by USB cable on my computer.

Please note that there is no problem with IE browser, so you can enjoy it. I am not sure that it works perfectly with other browsers ...? Your feedback and confirmations are welcome.

Links to demos here: (on the home page) (direct page) (open its Windows Media Player and copy and paste this URL into it.)

Latest news: having more than one computer at the moment with me, it is possible that by the time my gear is not connected (requires PC family).

Good fun for aspiring future pilots.

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