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California Hypnosis Institute of India is a Hypnotherapy training institute in India. The website is now created using xoops 2.3.3.

I will like to thank the whole xoops community and specially Ghia for helping me with various issues that I was facing while creating this site.

The theme used is zetagenesis which is modified to a large extent.

The modules used are:

User profile 1.52
Protector 3.22
Simplywiki 1.1
Extgallery 1.07
Formulaire 3.3
Smartfaq 1.08
Mytube 1.04
Smartsection 2.13
News 1.63
Mytabs 2.1

Do let me know, how you find it and if there should be something specially in theme or layout that I should change to make this site more appealing and user friendly.

Learn Hypnotherapy

Happy Xoopsing

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