YAXS  sunsnapper  11-Jun-2004 21:06  1  1735 reads

When my friends asked, "What's the best way to put a full-featured web site up overnight?" my answer was easy... Xoops.

One I literally did put up last night, so more content will be coming soon:

It is for Bob Vanech, one of the "reality TV" candidates on Showtime's new series airing in August called American Candidate

The site looks great thanks to the colors theme.

The other was put up about a week ago, for a group of leaders who will not be on TV this Summer. They are moving ahead to pull this diverse group of ideas and viewpoints into a book for release this Summer. The site looks great thanks to 7danared.

I would love any feedback. And if you get a chance to following the links to various candidate profile pages, I am sure they would appreciate it if you click the "Support Me!" button.


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