YAXS  ukandrewf  03-Jun-2003 18:41  12  2172 reads
The Power Tools Forum has now taken the big step of upgrading to xoops 2.0.2. I'm using the iaolxp Win XP theme from FortChaos.

Three big issues I'm still trying to fix though :-

1) When I set the general pref to update the theme if new theme files exist - a) xoops doesn't seem to update and b) the site is no longer visible to users. Any ideas why that might be?
2) Notifications don't seem to be working when I set the notifications block to be visible all I see is the submit button, no actual options. Any ideas why?
3) Avatars - how/can I upload 1.3.x Avatars to xoops2 what format do they have to be and where do I put them?

Anyway hope you like...


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