whosonline hack rc305 Fix

ric  11-Nov-2002 09:22  3963 reads  0
well..just fix this hack language files and please grab it

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Module news hack

joe  05-Oct-2002 15:24  4138 reads  0
I have codet a hack that expands the news modul.
It allows you to display two news-blocks side by side on the news site.

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Updated news expiry date hack

Herko  29-Sep-2002 13:39  7340 reads  0
I have updated the news expiry hack

-Tested the hack for RC3.0.5 compatibility;
- Extended the changelog on the readme.txt, now every code adition and change is fully listed (so now you can incorporate the hack into your own modules and hacks);
- Done some small code and archive cleanups.

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myDownload Module Hack

eevans  29-Aug-2002 21:47  5245 reads  0
I am in the process of hacking the mydownload module to enable me to create a book-management module in which I will be able to upload books to my Web site and indicate for each book the versions available and the download module will then display multiple version downloads for each book. Right now, the download module, which I am eventually going to rename myFreeBooks and mySaleBooks will handle books with four static extensions, .pdf, .txt, .htm and .lit. Eventually, there will be between one and five links per title depending on which versions for each book are being supported, and you will be able to select what information is displayed about each book you enter into the database on a per-book basis.

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LDAP discussion forum has been opened

hrac  21-Aug-2002 06:51  3896 reads  0
I've opened an LDAP discussion forum. Everyone welcomed that interested in LDAP support, and no need to register to post messages to forum.

You can reach forum here

Current LDAP support package is in beta state and current version is still 0.11. Because I didn't get too much feedback. You can download current version from here
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News hack: set expiry date

Herko  16-Aug-2002 22:26  4875 reads  0
My first xoops module hack: added the option to set an expiry date to news posts to the Xoops news module.
There are still some small bugs (this IS my first hack, after all ), but you can test it here (use the news admin). You can find the modified news module here, but you need to manually add a db field in your prefix_stories table (int(10),NOT NULL, default value 0) for it to work properly.

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How to make to appear the right menù with freecontent

DIABLO  07-Aug-2002 19:17  4367 reads  0
If used, the FreeContent module and you are not particularly shoes to you on php or still you do not know well xoops, you will have noticed, than when gone in a page created with this, does not come visualized the menù of right and not there are knows to you, that they can help you, at least, if continued to try the problem to the inside of the module.
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PN -> XOOPS Conversion Template

Boobtoob  07-Aug-2002 18:51  4315 reads  0
Ok, you may be asking what is a PN to XOOPS conversion template, well, it copies the core data from Postnuke 7.13x tables to XOOPS RC 3.04 tables. Now, the template thing may be confusing as well. The reason I call it a template is that it's not a full fledged conversion script, just a hack that you can easily use to customize for your particular setup. This script is designed for new (and seasoned) PHP devs with a good SQL background.
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Guestbook Plus - Test

Pitiless  06-Aug-2002 22:01  6770 reads  0
Based on Digitalpixel's Guestbook from www.myxoops.org
New futures:
Avatars for guests
Avatar of the members will be automaticly taken
female / male
Administrator can write commets for posts
Avatars und female / male pictures can be simply configured whith config.php
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Scrolling Downloads

inconnue_team  01-Aug-2002 18:36  4114 reads  0
Here is a hack small to see downloads in scroll Practice to put more of downloads
downloads it THERE
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Select your language on the fly!

jimmy  31-Jul-2002 14:18  4648 reads  6
The pictures may be more relevant: click here

This hack is intended to let the user select his own language on the fly. Although the XOOPS engine allows for selecting a default language, it doesn't allow for selecting the language "on the fly". This hack consists of a block which displays a list of flags, or a drop down combo (depending on the settings) with the current available languages. When a user selects a language, the information is stored in a cookie, for the current domain.

NOTE: The language changing is only for the interface! This means the information in the database (news/forums/etc..) will still be displayed in the language that the author used!

You can download it here.
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Polls on newBB

xtremdj  30-Jul-2002 14:16  5217 reads  4
For those who wants XoopsBB looks like PhpBB, i've hacked some files of newbb in order to permit user who want to create a topic, to create a polls associated with.

It uses class files of the xoopspoll modules and the text (2 or 3 only) are hardcoded in english in the forumform.inc.php
You could see an exemple in french here on my website

Download here

Hope the team will add this features in the next release
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LDAP Support Beta is out!

hrac  30-Jul-2002 07:40  4231 reads  6
I've finally released first beta release of LDAP support. You can download it with same link:

I've decided to create new thread, because I want to seperate alpha discussions and beta discussions.
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