Userinfo fo newbb

Alexxus  10-Jul-2004 17:19  3867 reads  5
I've just released hack, that add icons (PM, ICQ, WWW, E-mail, etc...) for each forum posts (such as in newbb for xoops 1.3).

You may download it here!

See in action on XOOPS.2 Russian Forge
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XOOPS Multilanguages 1.4 is out !

marcan  21-Jun-2004 00:56  4841 reads  10
Fellow Xoopsers ! I am please to announce you the release of XOOPS Multilanguages version 1.4 !

You can donwload the package here : Version Zip [274 Ko]

Please note that this version only works on XOOPS 2.0.7. Please note as well, that any prior version of XOOPS Multilanguages does only work on XOOPS 2.0.6. Thus, if you want a multilingual site with XOOPS 2.0.7, you HAVE to install this package
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Xoops 2.0.7 Auto Login Hack Pack

brash  17-Jun-2004 09:54  11378 reads  8
There are a handful of files in the new 2.0.7 release of Xoops that overwrite GIJOE's awesome auto login hack if you have enabled it, so I put this pack together so all you have to do is unrar, upload, and update.

You can download the 2.0.7 Auto Login Hack Pack in RAR format from;

>>>IT Headquarters<<<

To enable this hack;

(1) Unrar files

(2) Upload files to the root directory of your Xoops 2.0.7 install

(3) Update the system module from the modules admin section in the Xoops control panel.

NOTE: If you are using a custom template set you will need to edit the system_block_login.html for that set.
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Hack a module for XOOPS Multilanguage (How-to)

marcan  14-Jun-2004 16:53  4794 reads  4
Have you installed the XOOPS Multilanguage hack but are using a module that has not yet been hacked to support it? No problem!

You can now do it yourself with this tutorial : How to hack a module to use XOOPS Multilanguages
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eXploZ hack 0.2 for XOOPS 2.06 released!

keyes  26-May-2004 20:27  5367 reads  8
eXploZ XOOPS hack is a hack who give a better place at your website in search engines. For that, the hack create "easy" URL like http://www.exploz.com/modules/news/ar ... du-hack-eXploZ-pour-XOOPS
in XOOPS and add the title of the news, topic, file or link in the xHTML title tag of the page.

eXploZ XOOPS hack is easy to install, just overwrite the official files by the hacked files and reload the modules. The hack contain hack for news, newbb, mydownloads, mylinks ans a modified version of the spotlight module.

This version fix various bugs and a the support of the new URL format in the RSS backend.

View demo
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How can I have a multilingual Main Menu ?

marcan  18-May-2004 13:29  4781 reads  8
As you may know, using XOOPS Multilanguages allow you to develop multilingual XOOPS sites.

However, some of you have often asked me How can I have a multilingual Main Menu ? Well, I've written a little something on that. You can find it here :

How can I have a multilingual Main Menu ?


.:: marcan (aka mal aka Marc-André) ::.
.:: NotreVie.ca ::.
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Hack for better search engine positionning

keyes  08-May-2004 22:43  9575 reads  28
We have realesed a hack for a better positionning in search engine in XOOPS 2.0.6.
We use a news format of URLs like page.php/My-title and we have added the title of the news/posts/files/links in the <title> xhtml tag!
This include a special version of the Spotlight module who use our news URL format and fix many xhtml problems!

For a better positionning use our hack now!
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Catzwolf's modified evennews module bug-fix

tl  07-May-2004 13:11  4226 reads  18
Catzwolf updated evennews with many new features.
- being able to specified sending email address instead of admin email
- move hard-coded subscription text/disclaimer into ModuleConfig database

There are several small bugs in it. I failed to get Catzwolf's attention, so I took upon myself and made a few of changes.

1) enabled MySQL database saving of HTML newsletters with apostrophes
2) specified sending system email address worked, in both creating and sending newsletters
3) fixed message archive viewing in admin (small typo corrected)
4) enabled dropping evennews_members table when uninstalling (small typo in xoops_version)

Only two files changed (admin/index.php and xoops_versions.php): you can download from here Just replace the two files in Catzwolf's package.

Catzwolf's version can be found here

Still not working:
can't send to specified subscriber group of text or html. Newsletter will go to all subscribers, regardless of the group selected by subscriber when signing up. For now, I have taken out the choice in the sub template and I am sending newsletter strictly in HTML.
Newsletter count of failed and sent does not work.

Catz: I hope you (or someone) would continue to develop this module. This is a great module and it would be great if it could further developed.

The fixes are what I did to make it work for me and hopefully it will be useful to someone.


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Hide/unhide notification options' table hack

ralf57  06-May-2004 15:11  7988 reads  17
I've made a quick hack that allows to hide/unhide the notification options' table. I hope this could help themes developers to keep
the layout of the site clean. The hack can be downloaded here

Nice xoopsing to all!!!

A preview can be seen below:
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XOOPS Multilangues v1.3

marcan  03-May-2004 12:14  4499 reads  5
For those who don't know it yet, XOOPS Multilanguages is a hack that allow you to create multilingual sites. Once this hack installed, your visitors will have the opportunity to view your site in the language they prefer !

You can download the package here : ZIP version [257 Kb]
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PNG transparency in xoops for ie

risto  19-Apr-2004 13:01  6261 reads  10
Image transparency has been a problem for as long as gif has existed. with png the solution was here. But not quite. Microsoft with their internet explorer (ie) has not bean able to handle png transparency natively. So we all started the big wait and nothing happened. Until…..
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Module with Search in HTML

ulisses  12-Apr-2004 19:29  3905 reads  0
I am starting in the XOOPS now and therefore I opted to using static pages and deriving data of mysql. First I did not try to use tinycontent, cjaycontent and etc, but it was not what I wanted. Then observing other codes I implemented a module that shows my pages HTML. The problem was when I gave for account that the SEARCH did not function. I looked in several forums. Some said that solution did not exist, others said to use tinycontent and etc. Then, giving for satisfied I did not decide me I myself to implement my SEARCH in HTML. The solution is adopted is simple consists of:
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"Articles" Module Hack -- navigation system

mrtwice  06-Apr-2004 19:32  3805 reads  0
This is a modification of the Articles Module by Andrew Mills.

I have added a block that replaces the XOOPS main menu and allows you to link directly to articles. The idea is that you can create a navigation system that links to the articles and thereby mimic the behavior of a web site that only has static content. This modification does not limit the use of Articles in any way, it adds to it.

Check it out!

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xcGallery for XOOPS Multilanguage

marcan  03-Apr-2004 14:50  4104 reads  8
I've hacked some files of xcGallery 1.1 to make it work with XOOPS Multilanguage 1.2. Should you find any places left with no multilingo fonctionnalities, please let me know.

Also, if some other modules would need an adaptation to work with the hack, PM me.

You can download the hack here : Zip version [41 KB]

To install it, just copy the xcGal folder to your root/modules/ folder.

Enjoy !
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XOOPS Multilanguage 1.2

marcan  24-Mar-2004 01:50  6529 reads  7
Dear fellows Xoopsers !

As some of you were requesting it, I repackaged the XOOPS Multilanguage hack to correct a few bugs and, again, get more things multilingual !

You can download version 1.2 here : Zip Version [177 KB]

Again, please, read careffully the ReadMe.txt file as it is VERY IMPORTANT !
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