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The team is proud to present its new achievement, a 100% responsive website.
This is the website of AGOPC, the Geneva Association of Civil Protection Organizations.

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Here are some technical elements that make up the site:

Xswatch4 theme
We started the project from the xSwatch 4 theme, the css-cerulean variant, and we adapted it in terms of colors to the AGOPC logo.
We have redesigned the top menu, clearer, with direct access to certain features and contextual signage.
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It is a menu with the Sticky top function (Menu that sticks to the top of the page, even if you use the elevator to scroll the content upwards).
A carousel has been added and disappears when scrolling vertically.

Administrators toolbar
A toolbar adapted to the needs of site managers has been configured, all responsive.
Watch the video here.

Modules used
To create the site, we used:
xmcontent for the main content of the news
xmnews to manage the news of the association
extcal to manage association events
xmdoc for document management
xmcontact for the contact form

Adaptation of overloads for the module (extcal
We wanted to modernize the boostrap4 templates of this module.
Here are 2 screenshots, one with an end date, the other not.
Resized ImageResized Image

TinyMCE 5
We have integrated the famous and fabulous wysiwyg editor TinyMCe V5 (Excluding XOOPS plugin) in order to allow editors to provide high quality documents.
We also managed to integrate Bootstrap 4 so that we could provide a preview at the time of writing closer to the final render.
Here is an example :
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 Re: Site created by monxoops: AGOPC

congratulations on a successful work.


 Re: Site created by monxoops: AGOPC

Thank you, Eren, and specially from you ! Visit to read the full article while enjoying an optimal display here:


 Re: Site created by monxoops: AGOPC

Congratulations! really clean website with beautiful effects



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