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Angelo Rocha created this great xBootstrap Theme for XOOPS, which was based on Bootstrap 3.x

Since Bootstrap 4.0 has been recently released, I've added it to Angelo's theme and called it xBootstrap4 .

It is now RC-1 (with Bootstrap 4.1.3, FontAwesome 5.0.4, and Owl 2.3.4)

We need some help from our Designers! Who can help?

You can fork the theme from:


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  • Just popping in

 Re: xBootstrap4 1.0 RC1 (with Bootstrap 4.1.3)

Where is the demo? The github summary need to be updated with running link.

  • Moderator

 Re: xBootstrap4 1.0 RC1 (with Bootstrap 4.1.3)

You can see xBootstrap4 on our demo site:

You can also see there the xSketchy theme, that is a variation of the xBootstrap4 theme.

The demo site itself is currently being updated so don't pay attention to potential issues you might encounter