World of Xoops (WOX): WOX (World of XOOPS) Newsletter # 15 (December 2008)

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WOX - World Of Xoops

W.O.X. - WORLD OF XOOPS #15 (December 2008)

Welcome to the last issue of WOX (World of XOOPS) Newsletter in 2008 (see here previous versions

2008 was (and definitely still is - as we have 30 more days to go ), a very exciting year for many of us, and will have a deeper analysis next month- but in the meantime please email us your impressions from 2008, and maybe we'll include them in the next WOX in January

November was very exciting for XOOPS - in the first seven weeks this new release  2.3.1 has been already downloaded more than 17,000 times, confirming the strong position of XOOPS in the CMS market, and the loyalty of our community. And we all very much appreciate it!  

Security of XOOPS is always our #1 priority, and we'll always look after our users!!!  So when we've been made aware of couple of vulnerabilities, we've immediately addressed them in XOOPS 2.3.2a - Security ReleaseIn November our talented designers created again several nice new themes,  - we had a lot new ones. As always, we salute all of XOOPS developers who develop new modules and themes and share them with the XOOPS Community!!! Work continues on Translating XOOPS 2.3.x into as many languages as possible. As you can see from the list there, we still need help, so please volunteer!  Other highlights of the month:

  • XOOPS Innovation Award - for people who create something very unique and innovative for XOOPS. This time the award goes to  Dirk Herrmann (dhsoft) for his work on of Simple-XOOPS!!
  • XOOPSer of the Month Award:  is given to XOOPS members who show extraordinary dedication to XOOPS, and go the extra mile for XOOPS. This month we would like to recognize: Julio Napurí Carlos (JulioNC), the Webmaster of XOOPS Spanish Community Website. It's the Webmasters of XOOPS local support sites who make the difference for all the people who don't speak English, and is sometimes their only entry to the wonderful world of XOOPS.
  •  XOOPS Projects creates "XOOPS Foundation" in the USA  - we need a legal entity to protect interests of XOOPS. Since it's non-profit, please donate to support XOOPS
  • "Spread XOOPS Project" Initiative Restarted!  - it's time to stop being shy about XOOPS so it is no more the "Best Kept Secret"


We continue to execute on our Plans for 2008. We'll need all the help from the whole XOOPS Community to make the 2008 Plans reality. But we are confident that together, we'll be able to make it. Remember - XOOPS is powered by YOU!!!!

02. XOOPSers of the Month

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Our "XOOPSer of the Month" Award is given to XOOPS members who show extraordinary dedication to XOOPS, and go the extra mile for XOOPS. Sometimes they do something spectacular, but most of the time they just do something everyday, but by doing it day-in and day-out, they make a BIG DIFFERENCE in life of XOOPS community. And we thank them for that!!!

This month we would like to recognize Julio Napurí Carlos (JulioNC) for his continues support of XOOPS users in the Spanish Speaking Area, as well as here on XOOPS.  He tirelessly cleans the Bug Tracker from the bugs, and contributes to the solutions!  Muchas Gracias, Julio!!!!

Where are you from, and where do you live now?

I'm from Peru (South America), I live in Lima in a place called San Juan!

How long have you been programming?

I started when I was 16 years old with Visual Basic in school. I have been programming now in PHP, Java and Python.

What is your expertise?

I'm a freelance web developer, XOOPS developer, XOOPS consultant, system administrator and designer. I have more than 3 years of experience creating customized web applications for my clients. My areas of expertise include custom website design, and PHP/Python Web Applications. I also specialize in XOOPS, of course..

What got you to XOOPS?

I think it was 2004 or 2005? And I was just starting to learn PHP, I was thinking that this actually could be something for me, since I've always been interested in creating Web Applications. I stumbled on PHP_Nuke, but I didn't liked that software, didn't feel like "me". After searching and searching I found RunCMS and Ciamos... but, in the end, thanks to them, I found my way to XOOPS. By then I knew that my beloved CMS was part of the XOOPS Community and could do some extremely cool stuff.

In what area of XOOPS do you contribute and why?

I'm a Webmaster of the XOOPS Spanish Community Website since 2005, and I joined the Core Team a few moths ago. I also published the XOOPS Annual Report 2007  in early 2008. I am trying to spend all my free time working in XOOPS SVN, and on fixing XOOPS Bug Tracker issues.

What you you major achievement in programming that you're most proud of?

When I made a python web application for company (and I didn't know nothing) :) I learned to use rapidly.

You favorite dish and drink?

I love eat, and Peruvians have the best food in the world   Ceviche and Pisco Sour

What about movies and music?

When the popular question states, “If you had to take just one CD on a desert island with you what would it be,” my answer has always been, Dave Matthews Band’s, “Before These Crowded Streets”.

If you could choose a place and time to live, what would it be and why?

Anywhere, obviously with internet connection.

Who is the person that you would like to meet and why? 

No one special. Maybe at XOOPS Conference meeting personally some of my XOOPS friends.

03. XOOPS Innovation Award

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Our XOOPS Innovation Award is given to people who create something very unique and very innovative for XOOPS! We are clear that XOOPS can only succeed, when we push the limits of our creativity, imagination, and innovation to "infinity and beyond" . And therefore we would like to recognize people who create this "WOW!" effect, when we see what they've done. The XOOPS Innovation Award is not a monthly award, i.e. theoretically, there might be a month where we won't give one, but we certainly hope that this will never happen

Xoops Innovation Award Xoops Innovation Award

This month the award goes to Dirk Herrmann (dhsoft) for his work on of Simple-XOOPS, a very innovative extension of XOOPS. Dirk is also the current Administrator of XOOPS Germany.

Where are you from, and where do you live now?

I come from Germany, near Leipzig and still live there

How long have you been programming?

Over 15 years, starting with Basic on C/CPP , currently is PHP/MySQL

What is your expertise?

OOP in PHP5/6 , CSS and my

What got you to XOOPS?

... the search for a challenge

What do you like the most about XOOPS?

plain, simple, modular, easily expandable

You've became recently the Administrator of XOOPS Germany. Tell us more about the German community - how long have you been involved, what are the strengths of the German community?

I joined XOOPS Germany in 2004.  I think that the strengths lies in the design (Themes) and translations (German / English). But there are also some very good modules being created (debaser by frankblank / DH Info - alfred)

What are your goals as the new leader of XOOPS Germany?

More user enthusiasm for XOOPS

What is your major achievement in programming that you're most proud of?

The DH-INFO module

Why did you start with the development of Simple-XOOPS? What was your desire for it?

Because me and the users were missing features that would make XOOPS perfect!

Did Simple-XOOPS, as it is today, fulfilled your expectations?

Not quite, but it is well on the way there...

What are your hobbies, when you're not coding?

Model railways

You favorite dish and drink?

I like to eat Greek food and drink sometimes glass of wine

Your favorite movies and music?

Film: Independence Day, music -> I like it all, I don't really have a favorite one

If you would have a chance for a 30 seconds commercial with a message to the world, what would you say?

Stop the wars in the world

If you could choose a place and time to live, what would it be and why?

Canada. Why ? I love the mentality of the people there

Who is the person that you would like to meet and why?

mhhh, sorry, I will not reveal it to the public

04. New/Updated Modules

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05. New Hacks

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06. Security Issues/Alerts

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07. YAXS, Sites using XOOPS

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08. Tutorials/Add-ons

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09. New/Updated Themes

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10. News from around the World

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11. Local supports

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12. How to contribute

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