XOOPS: XOOPS Projects creates "XOOPS Foundation" in the USA

Posted by: XoopsCouncilOn 2008/11/12 13:10:00 16526 reads
As some of you might know, the XOOPS Project has previously set a XOOPS Foundation under the name "Stichting XOOPS" in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the "Stichting XOOPS" has been "missing in action", and our repeated calls to the former Chairman, Herko Coomans to hand over the Foundation and its assets back to the XOOPS project, didn't lead to any resolution. We have now entered into a legal conversation with Herko, still hoping that we'll resolve this issue in an "amicable way".

However, if this would not happen, we need to be prepared to initiate legal steps.

Therefore, the XOOPS Council has decided to set a "XOOPS Foundation" as a non-profit organization in the USA, which we did. This will allow us to have a legal entity that can represent and protect XOOPS interests.

The primary goal of the XOOPS Foundation is the promotion of the Open Source use and the development of the XOOPS Web Application System within the scope of the General Public License (GPL), as defined by the Free Software Foundation, and to be the legal representation of XOOPS.

Now that we have a legal entity, we can accept donations/contribution. If you like the XOOPS system, and would like to give something in return, you can make a donation to our new XOOPS Foundation! Simply use the PayPal payment system to transfer your donation to the Foundation account. Your donation will be used to promote and advance the use and development of the XOOPS.

We believe that we're have made major improvements in 2008, and thus set a strong foundation for years to come. We finally have merged the 2.0.x and 2.2.x branches into unified XOOPS version 2.3, and we're looking forward to the upcoming XOOPS 3 version.

We also enjoy an extremely strong and dedicated worldwide community, and we're looking forward to work with each and every one of you to make XOOPS the best it can be!!!

Remember: XOOPS is Powered by YOU!!!