Developer News: Documentation on the Api of the Xoops modules

Posted by: kris_frOn 2008/11/3 9:30:00 10860 reads
I love, the website for API documentation for modules developers, recently has been changed and updated:

  • to make more ergonomic navigation of the XOOPS Core API generated by Doxygen and by PhpXref,
  • to add list of international support sites,
  • to add links to XooFoo websites.

A second stage has just been finalized with the API documentation of forty modules: AMS, Article 1 and 2, Catads, Cbb 3.0.8 et 4.0, Classifieds, Content, Cryptox, D3pipes, Extcal, Formulize, Liaise, Membership, MPmanager, Multimenu, Mylinks, Mydownloads, Mytabs, News, Pical, PM, Profile, ShoutBox, Tag, Umfrage, Userpoints, Xbs Modgen & Xbs Cdm, Xcake, Xcenter, Xforum, Xgen, Xhld, Xoopscare, Xoopsinfo, Xoopspoll, Xreaggregator, Xsoap, Xtorrent and Yogurt.

This first list will be completed in the next few weeks based on new modules releases/updates, or based on specific requests from users and/or developers.

The goal of this documentation is also to promote the development of new modules. After all, what could be easier than to look at existing modules to see how they've been architectured, which class or function were used ...

All this documentation can be downloaded in e-book (in chm format) on Tutos XooFoo in the section "Outils - Documentation - Xoops".