Typo3 vs Xoops
  • 2004/6/11 23:19

  • Lance_

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Anyone ever investigated Typo3 as a CMS?? (typo3.org)

Re: Typo3 vs Xoops
  • 2004/6/12 0:51

  • tl

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There have been many threads discussing the pros and cons of various CMSs. Doing a search on TYPO3 will get you many interesting insights into the comparisons.

Re: Typo3 vs Xoops
  • 2004/6/12 1:36

  • danMAN

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I have investigated it before using xoops, looks ok, but I couldn't make sense of a lot of it when trying to install. It seems to have a strong community behind it. Might be alright if you're geeky, and a good code fiddler -- which I am not. Overall, XOOPS is smaller and better to admin, UI would say. But, hey! What do I know :)

Re: Typo3 vs Xoops
  • 2004/6/12 3:28

  • Lance_

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One of the first times I don't do a search before posting.
Sorry about that.

Found some nice reading,

Re: Typo3 vs Xoops
  • 2004/6/12 5:12

  • Red_Bee

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Re: Typo3 vs Xoops
  • 2004/6/12 6:20

  • mariuss

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Nice site, but by looking at the information they have on XOOPS it makes you wonder how reliable the whole site is


Re: Typo3 vs Xoops

Typo3 is a very capable system, but it is also very complicated, which may be one of the reasons why so many consultants are working with it - it is just not for the regular user with a litle programming/CMS knowledge.

a good evaluation site for CMS packages
  • 2004/6/12 15:19

  • tinyman

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But for www.cmsmatrix.org It is interesting to see a website that try to evaluate cms packages with point that should be cared to enhance XOOPS .
XOOPS isn’t perfect, but who know XOOPS he will understand its capabilities.
For me (as the regular user) most important notes are securities and features. The support section, the team and their forum are doing well. For the applications, let be all modules.
Performance and resource usage should be taking seriously. And for XOOPS core team defend for what features implemented in XOOPS and not mentioned in www.cmsmatrix.org

and Thanks

Re: Typo3 vs Xoops
  • 2004/6/12 16:36

  • coldfire

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I use both. All I can say is the XOOPS is very hackable. This is good for me.


typo has been developed in a very strange manner. While many peeps on thier mailing list are all so defensive and will brag about it, I think there are so many things that are broken. There's lots of, as I would call, hair brained ideas.

Xoops is not perfect, but you can fix it up to work very well for you.

Re: Typo3 vs Xoops


XOOPS is not perfect, but usually it is possible to change what you don't like.

I have tried looking into the code of Typo3, but I just can't seem to understand it. I may have fealt almost the same with XOOPS, but now I can go through it step by step, function by function and figure it out - something I cannot do with Typo3. Of course it takes some knowledge and persistence, but I have improved immensely in PHP and CMS knowledge in the last year and still, I cannot get my head around Typo3.

I'm sure it is an excellent system, but it takes more or less a formal education in it to be able to work with it (professionally, that is)



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