Re: hostnexus.com bans xoops !!!
  • 2004/5/8 9:37

  • NexDog

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Xoops has been banned at HostNexus for well over a year. We had an incident a long time ago when a client's XOOPS script chewed up MySQL and the server load went through the roof.

However, I have thought about removing it from the banned scripts list as XOOPS seems to be very popular now and I haven't heard of any issues with it. Maybe we were just unlucky or maybe the script was poorly coded in its early days - all I know is that I saw it bring a server to its knees so we erred on the side of caution and banned it. I wouldn't say it was ignorance but a decision based on a real experience we had with it.

Stewdio said:

It's not just Xoops, they have banned massive amounts of scripts and more so then the regular host may frown down upon. I take this as an extreme over reaction on their part. Franky, I would never sign up with someone who wishes to exude this much control over their clients with baseless paranoia.

We officially ban UBB, YaBB (cgi version), Ikonboard and Matt's FormMail.pl (and up till now - Xoops). Wow, 4 scripts! Talk about over reaction! I think it's Stewdio over reacting a touch on this topic. ;)

Pretty much all hosts ban those 3 cgi forums and many ban that FormMail script unless they want their servers to be used as a spam relay. We do not "exude" any kind of control over our clients and banning the above 4 scripts is not "baseless paranoia" and I resent that comment as it's standard hosting policy these days to ban cgi forums and insecure formmail.

Lastly to address rabideau's laughable comment about virus laden email coming from HostNexus. As you should know, viruses find email addresses in infected people's address books and send themselves from that random address. HostNexus has been using SpamAssassin before it was ever bundled with Cpanel or Plesk and we have ClamAV virus filtering on all servers.

In conclusion, HostNexus will unban XOOPS but I think some of the comments about us in this thread were a little unfair as no-one knew all the details of why we banned the script in the first place. As danMAN mentioned, HostNexus provides a decent service and we are proud of how our service has evolved over the years. We take security and stability very seriously and uptime is excellent on all our servers. We have always been very open and communicative and we do listen. I am happy that a client stumbled upon this thread and directed me here so I could read this and rethink this policy concerning Xoops. Ever since Fantastico bundled it I have been meaning to readdress the situation so thanks for bringing it to a head. So danMAN, feel free to set up XOOPS and also feel free to share your experiences with it with our community at NexusPortal. :)

Re: hostnexus.com bans xoops !!!

Following this post, I think we all owe HostNexus an apology.

Some comments were somewhat out of line - or just one-sided.
I am happy to read that you are considering XOOPS again and any feedback you can give on how XOOPS impacts on a hosted environment (from the host perspective) will be received with a big thank you.
If you experience problems, we would of course also love it, if you would work with us to overcome these problems.

So at least from me (can't really remember if I posted here, but I did think "to 'ell with them") an apology for the comments and rash judgement. I hope to speak on behalf of the posters here as well.

Re: hostnexus.com bans xoops !!!
  • 2004/5/8 12:45

  • Stewdio

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NexDog wrote:
We officially ban UBB, YaBB (cgi version), Ikonboard and Matt's FormMail.pl (and up till now - Xoops). Wow, 4 scripts! Talk about over reaction! I think it's Stewdio over reacting a touch on this topic. ;)

Okay, so I got hit the head with a "prone to knee jerk" stick. I over reacted a bit. Actually, I went back and investigated further and came to the same agreement, most hosts ban those scripts outright and sometimes more.

I guess it was the shock factor that determined this one particular post of mine. I was a tad bit surprised to see XOOPS targeted in the way it was. I thought the term 'outlawed' was a rather harsh word to use. Of course, an explaination 'why' would have helped greatly. Sometimes understanding is better then knowing

Sorry about that, no harm meant, just as you said, a slight over reaction which I realised shortly after the original post. I expected it to get burried and forgotton so I never bothered to make any corrections; till now of course.

Good luck with your solutions, you do make a good offering with value.

Re: hostnexus.com bans xoops !!!
  • 2004/5/8 16:33

  • Big_Bro

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Hmmm, If they rashly banned XOOPS (or any script) for over a year because of something they didn't understand and didn't bother to check out, and they waited until someone noticed to do anything about it, I think it's probably still a host to avoid. What else will they not bother to look into before acting on?

Then to come on here in a PR capacity and start pointing fingers at others for rashness... Pot, meet kettle. I'm not really sure that is a company I'd want to work with. Just my 2c.

Re: hostnexus.com bans xoops !!!
  • 2004/5/16 12:53

  • danMAN

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I am really glad this has had a favourable outcome (for xoops, of course ) No more said from this little happy chappie, and good on hostnexus for clarifying matters and redeeming xoops.

Re: hostnexus.com bans xoops !!!
  • 2004/5/16 17:38

  • m0nty

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well i'm glad this issue was addressed and concluded :)

@big_bro i think you're a little harsh there in my opinion..

but i think there's a lesson to be learnt here in that hosts, webmasters, clients, and developers of these scripts should communicate more when problems do arise. of course they can only be discussed if they are reported at the time, and that boils down to either the host that suffered the fatal crash of the server due to a script or the Client and webmaster using the script to report the reasons/problems to the developers of that script..

we had problems with another host regarding mailing lists.. they closed our whole site down without notice and phonecalls and emails went unanswered other than just to say they closed us down due to spamming..

i read in their terms and conditions that they class spam as unsolicited mail.. the software we were using worked on the double opt in system so every1 on the list had to have subscribed, and also at the bottom of the emails was clearly printed the links and instructions to unsubscribe.

so a couple of users from a competing website claimed we were spamming them.. the host closed us down without even contacting us regarding the complaint. if they had we could have avoided all the hassle.. as i explained the instructions and links are clearly visible to unsubscribe if they don't bother to use them it's not our problem we can't be psychic and say oh that user wants to be unsubscribed so we'll remove them manually..

after about 2 weeks of emails and phonecalls and passing them the software etc and showing them that it is opt in opt out they finally re enabled our site.. but the fact remains they should have contacted us regarding any complaints b4 taking that action..

Re: hostnexus.com bans xoops !!!
  • 2004/5/21 12:46

  • danMAN

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That sucks (closing your site down without checking, I mean). We need to know who these service providers are so we can avoid them, sounds like they are just plain lazy. Anyone can just simply send an email to them and say they are spammed by you, this is unacceptable and hosts need to adhere to some sort of policy where they must contact you and give you time to explain before actually shutting you down. So I think it is also up to us to clarify such issues before we sign up with them, I know from bitter experience that many hosts out there have some draconian policies on how to deal with customers. If you take the time to read their TOS, then you can save yourself some trouble later, methinks Take for instance surpass hosting, about which there was so much noise elsewhere on this forum of late. I was really excited about them and raring to sign up, until I read their AUP closely, and shot them a few questions in their forums ... I am posting a bit more on this in one of the surpass threads.

Re: hostnexus.com bans xoops !!!
  • 2004/5/21 14:36

  • Hawkedge

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Well what can I say other than lol, this is pathetic , we happily run XOOPS within our webservers, the only thing that we have a slight issue with is certain mirc scripts due to high bandwidth & security issues.

Need a new host we would be glad to help you out.

Kind Regards, Gareth @ Hawkedge Computer Solutions

Re: hostnexus.com bans xoops !!!
  • 2004/5/21 17:24

  • Munkus

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My $0.02

While a little rough around the edges I think the comment posted above is valid. If this specific host waited until complaints showed up to come here and play nice it would instill some doubt.

Shameless plug starts here:

I have been hosting my 2 reseller accounts at 24HostingNow.com for a little over a year now and I have to say I am incredibly pleased. Since it is being offered along with the built in scripts I would say @ a third of my clients use XOOPS (about a dozen people all in all).

Great speed, fast competent support and unbeatable prices.

End of Shameless plug.

Re: hostnexus.com bans xoops !!!
  • 2004/5/22 8:42

  • danMAN

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I must say, Munkus, this does look a fine host indeed. I especially appreciated the up-front information on who they are and what they offer. The reseller package special of just under $60 a year is pretty good, too. I will certainly have a closer look at this host. Thanks for the "shameless plug"


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