Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/14 0:07

  • gruessle

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I am using Tutorials.
Totorials has an optiom called:
Link to tutorials at Framebrowser.

Now I was wondering if we could cache this link/page just like google caches pages and pictures in case that side goes of line, moved or deleted.

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/14 0:12

  • gruessle

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MithyT2 wrote:

gruessle wrote:

MithyT2 wrote:
"don't come back" meaning... what? Log in or read the thread?

That is a good question. I am not sure I guess read the thread would work.

That leads to next question - if there are no replies... then the thread is removed from the "unsatisfied" list even though it isn't satisfied.

If the poster does not come back to check for an answer within a set time of days than that is a good thing isn't it?

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap


What I am aiming at is that it will most likely not satisfy the wants of your audience, once they get over the novel feeling of having an "on-the-fly" database lookup module.

Sounds like a reasonable point of view. I guess I was thinking that if the actor had been in multiple movies, it could return all the matches as a result of the query.

Be that as it may, perhaps I should generalize the idea further. What I am trying to describe is a tool for creating modules from within the XOOPS interface.

In the process, I was trying to describe the notion illustrated at the following web site... but, perhaps in a fashion easier to implement. This has so many features I thought it might be too complex for many users... but, maybe it is the way to go. (I'm not willing to use exoops just for this module though)

This is called ModuleCreator for exoops.

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap

I think this has been mentioned generally in this thread, but, it might be nice if comments and forum posts were in a single message store.

In my opinion, it would be handy if, when someone created a comment, it created a new topic in the forum. The first message of the new topic would be the news story or a link to the news story.

The next message would be the comment. And then it would grow from there.

I still think it is very cool to have comments appear at the bottom of News articles and other modules... (it is very cool that those comments are a core feature that any module can make use of). However, I would like to see it all integrated into a single message store, in whatever way seems most efficient to the devs.

I sort of got the impression this was the direction things were going when the SuperModule was in the 2.1 Roadmap... though, it also seems that maybe the direction may be shifting. (Which is fine, I'm sure there are good reasons...)

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/15 7:52

  • GadgetMn

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I've been playing with brothercake.com's ultimate drop down. It's a JavaScript menu, but I've recently found it can read it's config from an XML file.

I was thinking of looking in to a MENU module that would manage the XML file thus making navigation part of the admin features.

It would be great also, if you could swap out the standard menu's for an alternative like brothercake.com.

My only problem is having the time to develop the module and learn PHP at the same time (as well as working...)


Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/17 8:03

  • chris

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Only two requests:

The ability to attach documents to posts. Not a good security move in an internet environment, but on a corporate intranet it pretty vital.

The ability to assign more than one topic to an item.



Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/17 9:54

  • carnuke

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I read fabulous ideas regarding modules, and all these will be a great enhancememnt to XOOPS but at the heart of an excellent CMS has to be comprehensive content management: For my setup, forums, comments, news, etc. etc all revolves around THE ARTICLE CONTENT of the site.

I would like to see; the ability to better organise articles into directory structures, coulpled with a flexible menu system.

The ability to search and integrate external html documents as seemlessly as those directly inputed through Xoops

Multiple authoring coupled with approval/vetting through selected groups priveliges.

Author, Date & time-stamping of articles with individual track-backing.

One of the most useful features I have found on a forum is 'e-mail digest' that delivers user selectable content to their inbox on a regular basis.

Whatever you guys do, I suspect the next few weeks? nonths? will be very exciting and rewarding for XOOPS uses!

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap


I would like a more robust, and customizable Menu system, where you can run multiple instances of it in various positions.

So I'd like to have a side navigation that features the main items, and then maybe a menu that goes across the top of the site in a dropdown format (like microsoft.com)

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/17 13:17

  • french

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Hi to everyone from Russia!
I've got a suggestion about the newbb module.
Probably it'll be better to have the following:
when we've got more then 1 page of replies in the topic...
it's impossible to see the latest post of the users at once...for example in phpbb there a link to the last post...probably you should do the same...

P.S.(1) Sorry for my english, I hope you anderstand what I mean:)
P.S.(2)www.xoops.ru must be updated....the information is too old on this site!!!!!

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/18 12:01

  • MadFish

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A completed WAP module would be nice I love the Avantgo module, but most of my users have phones, not PDAs.


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