Adding Pages
  • 2010/10/3 5:31

  • Bracer50

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Hello, I need help adding pages to my website, with the same layout as my home page but diffrent content.

Website: www.5thrangerbattalion.us

Re: Adding Pages
  • 2010/10/4 6:20

  • ghia

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Try modules News, Content, Publisher, ...

Re: Adding Pages
  • 2010/10/14 8:55

  • Leenaii

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I'd like to do the same thing. Actually it would be almost only thing I'd need to do with this thing and after two days trying and reading tens of documets it's still unsolved.

Operation instructions gives me lot of information about banners, users, avatars, smileys etc. things what I need just enough to get those off ;)


Re: Adding Pages
  • 2010/10/14 18:24

  • ghia

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To add content to your site, you must install modules.
The repository has a selection of modules specialised in various types of content and functions.

Re: Adding Pages
  • 2010/10/22 4:53

  • lnln

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I'm a newbie too. Are you kidding me? I install xoops, and I can't do anything until I install more? Out of the box, I should be able to at least create a page and put some text and iamges.

how does one know what module to install? Are they safe? who wrote them?

Re: Adding Pages
  • 2010/10/22 5:40

  • Mamba

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Hi lnln, welcome to XOOPS!

You're right - we plan to include in the future XOOPS release a simple content module, where you can add pages, etc. out of the box.

In the meantime the best way is to ask here on the forums and people will try to help.

You can review the XOOPS Resource Book for list of modules that are compatible with the last versions of XOOPS.
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: Adding Pages
  • 2010/10/22 5:51

  • ghia

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Out of the box, you can make a custom block and put there text and images in. Not very practical, but you don't need a CMS for a single page website.

As there are many types of websites, the content type is also very different and so are the modules needed.
You can get inspiration of the (older) module packs for some examples of website types or by looking at sites in the YAXS section, where you see which modules are common use.
Check out what the latest version is by visiting the developers' site or searching this site. Also the Resource book may help to find the module you need.
Nearly all modules are safe to use. Older modules may no longer be compatible with the current PHP and MySQL versions or server settings.
The modules are written by people that had the need for a certain kind of functionality or used them in their website projects.

Install a web server on your local PC as eg XAMPP and then you can experiment with various modules, putting them to test without disturbing your website and have the best idea of its functions, look and feel.

Re: Adding Pages
  • 2010/10/22 16:08

  • lnln

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Thanks for the quick responses.

That would be wonderful. I have no problem installing plugins for "special content" like forums, photo gallerys, link lists, etc. but It's definitely critical to be able to "create a page" and add text and images using some kinda of wysiwyg editor out of the box. It is expected by new users (well, people like me, I guess).

plugins are very time consuming to weed through, download, install, learn and try. The whole idea is to have a content management system to make it easy to manage the content on your website. plugins are NOT easy. I wish CMSs would get away from needing plugins that are critical for basic functionality. So I'm still looking.

Thanks for listening!

Re: Adding Pages


you know enough to be a newbbie. Too clearly with your words.

XOOPS have more than you asked before. Simply to start as Ghia wrote: "Out of the box, you can make a custom block and put there text and images in". It includes an advanced editor, image manager and a lot of features.

To be a newbbie, i see your site really customized... & looks nice.

I suggest you to use News. Very powerful, easy to understand & use, not too much to learn, around 10 minutes... & don't be in panic. If you've installed x-forum & understand it, you will do with News.

Permissions, groups & other features later. First solve you'll need & after, try it.

HispaXoops | Xoops España

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Re: Adding Pages
  • 2010/11/17 20:25

  • jdigioi

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After reading several forums and as a newbie I am still very confused regarding adding navigation and content having the same theme’s format. How can I add a main menu navigation item having the theme's format, and then have links on that page to PDF docs or other content.
I have installed multiMenu and Smart Section modules and have not been able to do what I thought would be a simple process.
Any help would be sincerely appreciated.




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