CBB 4.0 Pains
  • 2008/5/29 11:37

  • preachur

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Seems the same as old CBB 3.8 with more bugs and problems and a lot more complications. My #1 peeve right now is the errors on the index page for all forums with no posts yet where the future post icons will go. Speaking of those icons, they are ugly and useless. Seriously. They really serve no useful purpose... Users don't USE them. Why are they there? I know what purpose they are SUPPOSED to serve, but shouldn't they have at least been IMPROVED in all the years of NEWBB and CBB?

All I personally want is a simple forum module. The more simple, the better. CBB is CRAZY with complications, editors, icons, HP/MP etc. etc. (does anyone need those things?)

All I want is a simple threaded category list. Then all it needs is one button. POST MESSAGE. Then plain text entry for subject and body. Drop-down list of categories. Submit and cancel buttons.

Then on message level: Edit Delete Reply. Or better yet, just a plain-text reply box right at the bottom so they don't even have to hit a button. Just scroll down and start typing. Then hit submit and right back to the thread and your post is there.

Pretty much the same thing that used to be running on the old dev forge site for support forums in the form of a module.

Has anyone seen the ugly forums on Craig's List??? UGLY but SO SIMPLE ANY MORON CAN USE IT. Has anyone seen how POPULAR those forums are? I have done some research. I have been looking at forums all over. The forums that are successful are forums like that. Forums that are SIMPLE.

The key to popularity is SIMPLICITY. No wysiwyg. No smileys. No editor selectors. Leave it up to the admins to allow .html or not. Plain text editors and that's IT. Simple categories with flat post displays with the threaded views.

I have checked out CMS's all over the place. I have checked out forum software all over the place. Why do all of the forums have all of the stupid features that no-one really uses?

I want MY users to say: "WOW! That was easy!"

CBB is ANYTHING but simple. NONE of the forum modules are simple.

Can anyone help?
Good Night.
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Re: CBB 4.0 Pains
  • 2008/5/29 11:47

  • noo-b

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have you tried newbbex or d3forum



actually you can play and modify with the cbb template and make it look simple

p/s: i do agree we need a simple forum and ALSO a powerful forum like phpbb/vbuletin/invision
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Re: CBB 4.0 Pains
  • 2008/5/29 11:53

  • mrphilong

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I was going to suggest d3forum, anyway have a look at the link below, I believe d3forum can import stuff from cbb

d3forum => http://xoops.peak.ne.jp/md/mydownloads/viewcat.php?cid=1

Re: CBB 4.0 Pains
  • 2008/5/29 11:56

  • preachur

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I have newbbex, xhnewbb, d3forum... Still complicated. Still bulky. I have stripped them down before, but for regular XOOPS users there should be ONE that they can install and have a simple, plain old little forum that works. You should be able to build forums UP and not have to strip them down. Start out simple. Then have OPTIONAL plug-ins for people who want something fancier.
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Re: CBB 4.0 Pains
  • 2008/5/29 12:18

  • aharon

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yes.. i think 3dforum should do the trick for you. however, am not sure if it actually works fine with the new versions of xoops, or is it better for xoopscube.org

Re: CBB 4.0 Pains
  • 2008/5/29 15:47

  • preachur

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Well, at least it all looks better since I did away with the code in the templates for the nasty little icons on the index page.
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Re: CBB 4.0 Pains
  • 2008/5/29 16:15

  • Serap

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Quick reply seems just what you need. There is nothing but just the text area and submit button...

Re: CBB 4.0 Pains
  • 2008/5/31 5:38

  • preachur

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Yes, I have quick reply enabled. I guess what I am saying, since NO-ONE seems to understand:


Seriously. People keep recommending modules I have already installed, have used, am using, and DO NOT LIKE.

I am asking SOMEONE to at least CONSIDER developing a simple forums module that WORKS and will make XOOPS based sites POPULAR.

I have even PURCHASED a commercial forum software with XOOPS integration, and had to get a refund because it sucked as bad as all the others.

CBB isn't even FUNCTIONAL anymore. Too much crap and too many bugs. Strip it down and make it simple and MAKE IT WORK.
Magick can never be restrained, but when freely given is thrice regained!

Re: CBB 4.0 Pains
  • 2008/5/31 8:00

  • incama

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Well,.there aren't alot of options around concerning XOOPS and forum modules. I know the fellows of Wordpress.org just released their plain and simple forum plugin BBPress which runs on its own. You can intergrate it with Wordpress using the same userbase. Maybe it is possible to run it next to Xoops,,,just a thought.

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